Angry Kenyans camp on IMF Facebook page over 257B loan

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Continuous borrowing by President Uhuru Kenyatta has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many Kenyans. This time, the pent-up anger was heavily unloaded on the International Monetary Fund (IMF), whose Facebook page continues to be under siege. By hungry, and angry Kenyans feeling zero impact of the billions of shillings borrowed by the state every year.

”The IMF Executive Board has approved a three-year financing package of US$2.34 billion to support Kenya’s pandemic response and economic reform program. Approval of the ECF/EFF enables immediate disbursement of about US$307.5 million, usable for budget support. This follows Fund emergency support to Kenya in May 2020 (100 percent of quota, equivalent to US$739 million at the time of approval, see Press Release No. 20/208),” the body said in statement posted on its Facebook page.

Kenyans could have none of the statement and flooded the update’s comment section like wild bees. Telling IMF the country was led by a den of thieves, duping international creditors for money to line pockets of a select few. The comments, which are from more than a thousand angry Kenyans have ripped the government apart. Exposing the filth, rot and what the ordinary citizen thinks of the nation and its leadership.

Here are some of the comments we managed to compile:

”This money is going to be stolen just like the previous loans. You’re complicit on this con-game. What a shame- Jim Bonnie

Please please we dont need the loans.. the money will end up in the pockets of a few corrupt people.. . you are just adding pain to injury- Kerubo Maina

The money has already been stolen even before you disburse. Kindly revise all documents for beneficiary to read Kenyatta and not Kenya- Mzalendo Rashidy

Do you people even do background checks on how these loans are utilized? If you give kenya 100 dollars only 11 dollars will do what it is supposed to- Aketch Aketch

We are tired with all this loans , we are overwhelmed with taxes, high cost of living, poverty is increasing daily- SK Lagat

Dear IMF please if possible reverse this money it’s not helping kenyans but afew wonder cases of covid escalated- Favour Oyedepo

IMF knows just too well Kenya govt isn’t accountable at all, but still gives it loans. These so-called Bretton-Woods institutions are cartels, full of bright yet supidos. But I kinda see their point – they are in business!!- El Chetero

You’re punishing innocent Kenyans for no reason. This money will be looted to a shilling. Kindly stop lending Kenyan Government loans- Steven George.”

Despite the public rage, on Friday, Treasury CS Ukur Yatani assured Kenyans the Washington based financial institution will not dictate the terms of the credit.

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