You cannot refer to Jaramogi as a dynasty, Winnie Odinga

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Every political cycle, unpopular leaders devise new ways to ensure the electorate is divided, along different lines, to make them easier to govern. 2022 is one of such elections.

Winnie Odinga, the last born daughter of ODM leader Raila Odinga has strongly defended her family, the Odingas, from claims they are a part of a dynasty. Which has captured Kenyan leadership from 1963, after Kenya became a sovereign state.

Speaking to Spice FM on Thursday morning, Ms Odinga said her grandfather, Jaramogi Oginga who only served as VP for only three years, was detained in some of the worst parts of the republic. As well as her father, Raila Odinga.

”I don’t believe we can refer to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga as a dynasty yet he was detained in some of the worst places in Kenya, for instance, Hola Camp. My father, Raila Odinga, was also detained for eight years,” Winnie said, adding that some Kenyans do not understand the life she has seen her family going through, growing up.

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“I would wake up to a sight of policemen surrounding our house while gun-toting,” revealed the 31 year old.

On Tuesday, Ms. Odinga took an issue with city MPs currently in the 12th parliament, who she said had let Nairobi drown in filth.

”There is not a single Nairobi MP in the 12th parliament that has taken any one of these jobs seriously. This city is drowning in filth both metaphorically & literally,” she protested, proceeding to recount how her efforts to help women around the Kilimani area were thwarted by government officials, who were hungry for licensing money, from the women.

Instead of letting the women freely work, they were arrested for cleaning and collecting litter along the streets in her neighborhood.

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