World Cup: France’s Second best Team could be Better than Any Other Team

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Morocco showed no fear absolutely against France after going down one goal. Towards the end of the first half and well into the second half, the busiest player on the field was Hugo Lloris, the French goalie. Morocco just pinned France down and wanted that one goal to equalize the game.

It was one spectacular shot after another by Morocco players with their usual top-notch guys like Hakim Ziyech putting the ball in the box and France just looking scared.

It is unbelievable how many of the players in the France’s first team could not make it to Qatar because of injuries. N’golo Kante who helped France win the World Cup in 2018 was not in Qatar.

Nobody in the world plays football like that dude and he has done it for three teams. Starting with Leicester in the Premier League where he helped them win the championship in 2015 against all expectations.

A year later Kante was at Chelsea where he took them to the championship before crowning all over in 2021 when he took Chelsea to the EUFA championship trophy and was voted the MOTM.

There are many other top-notch France players missing in Qatar. Karim Benzema their best scorer who has been killing it with Real Madrid did not make it to the World Cup. Paul Pogba is not there and we all know what Pogba can do in the field. That is a guy who fits in any World Cup team in the world.

And this guy Presenel Kimpembe could not make it for France either because of injuries. As you notice they are all Africans. Today was of course the African teams at the World Cup. We couldn’t win them all, could we? So one African team won and the other lost.

Finally, with just about ten minutes to go, France showed up again for the game and Mbappe made a good pass and got an assist for that. The scary thing for France here is that they had two shots on goal in 80 minutes and both were scored. That is how tough Morocco was on them the entire game.

Now France is headed for the finals against Argentina. This is probably the best World Cup final many football fans hoped for. Lionel Messi is finally going for the World Cup trophy in his very last game in the tournament. If Lionel wins it he would be the happiest person in the world and people would be happy for him too.

The most worried team in the world should be the English team. They think they have the best team in the world now. If France can beat them up with their second team which is actually very young then maybe England will have an even longer wait for the World Cup since 1966.

France has two teams. One team that was kept out of the tournament with injuries and the one they have in Qatar now. If they win it then Mbappe has two World Cup trophies already and he could have four more World Cups to play in.

But this was not a good game for France, Morocco pretty much kicked their ass but could not score to tie the game 1-1 which could have caused a lot of problems for them. The French Goalie should be the man of the Match (MOTM). That says everything about what France needs to work on.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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