Wilson Sossion resigns from KNUT, cites government frustration

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Wilson Sossion has resigned as Secretary-General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) ahead of the body’s national elections tomorrow June 26th. Sossion, an ODM nominated MP says his resignation was in the interest of KNUT’s continuity, its membership and himself but will still remain loyal to the union and be available to advise.

”I bow out of the Kenya National Union of Teachers leadership honorably. I trust that the government of Kenya as I exit will find it necessary to allow union dues to flow to KNUT again. So that the leadership and the workers can earn a salary and live decently,” Sossion said, revealing the government has been withholding the union workers’ dues because of him being in office.

Sossion, who has been at the helm of KNUT since 2013 says he has outgrown the body and now takes his struggle of fighting for the rights of the Kenyan worker to the National Assembly. He now calls on the country’s labor unions to begin to organise, and not be silenced by what he terms ‘government anarchy.’

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