Why does My Husband Masturbate Instead of being Intimate With Me? Kenyan Wife Wonders

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A Kenyan woman has taken to social media to complain of her husband’s addiction to pleasing himself. Identified as Shiko wa Nyoike on her Facebook page, the woman penned a tearjerking post wondering why her husband married her, but after a few years, he seemed to never care about her feelings and pleasing himself then sleeping like a drunk.

Here is a summarised version of her post:

“So, I have been married to this Luhya guy. It is three years now. It all started well, but after two years, he started to change. Every other thing remained okay but our bedroom affairs took a beating.

He could take even a month before he could touch me; I knew something was off when he started pleasing himself. However, I thought it was just a temporary thing, or he was just experimenting with himself. I knew things were bad when the habit persisted for 6 months. What was I going to do?” the lady penned.

Kenyans narrate addiction to masturbation:

The post attracted a lot of attention, with many people suggesting that she was the problem and not the man. Others, however, urged her to seek solutions from therapists, parents or religious leaders.

Here are some of the reactions:

 “You have added weight; take care of that,” a man shared on FB. “You were using too much make-up, but after getting married, you stopped. He no longer sees the woman he married in you,” another replied to her post.

“Seek help from relationship experts,” a woman with the name Jane replied.

What, however, attracted Shiro in the comments section was a reply from a Facebook profile with a profile picture of a man, but the one commenting was female.

 “I went through the same sis. It is not easy; I understand your pain. Sorry. Things are, however, different now. I really enjoy the fruit of marriage, and sometimes, I am the one who says that it is too much, and I am given a break. My hubby, the one you are seeing on the display image, changed after I visited Mugwenu Doctors, and they cleansed him from the spirit of masturbation,” the woman commented.

Another one wrote:

“That was me last year. My hubby did not know I pleased myself, but I had just lost taste in him. I was just forcing myself so that he didn’t know. It wasn’t until I contacted Mugwenu Doctors and confessed that I was addicted to this habit that I was saved. They cleansed me, and I am now okay,” a woman identified as Atieno254 commented.

The two posts drew the interest of Shiro, who wanted to get to the bottom of this matter so badly.

She conducted due diligence on Mugwenu Doctors and after finding out they were legit, she contacted them through their number, +254740637248.

Shiro was given an appointment, which she honoured.

Weeks ago, she came to comment on her post about how life had changed. Shiro says that after the ritual to stop the masturbation was done, she felt new and refreshed than before.

They also gave her a special concoction to add to her hubby’s food, and after two days, her hubby started showing huge interest in her.

“Guys, just three weeks ago, I was here crying, desperate. At some point I thought we would divorce. After following the advice some of you gave me here, I am a happy woman now. I feel like a woman. Mwenzenu napewa, Namwenzangu anataka kila wakati. Ahsante sana,” she wrote.

Her post opened a flood of reactions from people with different issues wanting to know more about Mugwenu Doctors.

Can Mugwenu Doctors cure addiction to masturbation?

Surprisingly, many people confessed to being hooked on pleasing themselves, though some clarified that it was because they were single, while others stated they had just lost taste.

The herbalists clarified they use ancient herbs and techniques to stop addictions, such as pleasing oneself, betting and even when it comes to helping people quit alcohol.

Among some of the techniques they use are charms and spells, which normally work just within 24 hours of being released.

How serious is the masturbation problem in Kenya?

According to Mugwenu Doctors, masturbation is a serious problem affecting marriages of many people.

They say that they have helped thousands abandon the habit but they are still worried that many other people badly affected by the habit are still hiding.

They warn that masturbation, in most cases, is not just a physical habit but a dangerous spiritual venture that yields trouble if not checked.

Mugwenu Doctors also have remedies to improve libido in both men and women. For men, they have special creams and herbs that help in increasing the size and girth of the manhood.

Don’t be the man who will be dumped for not having the desirable length. Take action now.

Mugwenu Doctors also provide the following solutions and spells?

A list of spells from Mugwenu Doctors.

  1. Do as I say spell
  2. Preventing Nightmares
  3. Cure of stress
  4. Women charms to attract men
  5. To control a spouse
  6. Spells to make someone obsessed
  7. To make someone say his or her secrets
  8. Fertility spells for pregnancy and barrenness
  9. Love and marry me spells
  10. Spells to attract customers in a business
  11. Protection spells: Protection from black magic, evil eye, enemies
  12. Spells to win jackpots, bets and court cases
  13.  Spell to make you smart in school and pass exams

Don’t let your marriage suffer because of addiction to masturbation.

Mugwenu Doctors can help you break free from pleasing yourself and restore your intimacy with your partner.

Contact them today and see the difference in your relationship.

• Email: [email protected]

• Website: www.mugwenudoctors.comF

• Phone: +254740637248

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