Why Delays Have Rocked Nyeri Town Bursaries Despite Ksh 72M Govt Disbursement

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In January, the national government disbursed Ksh 4B to the NGCDF kitty allowing school-going pupils and students to resume their 2024 studies.

However, for Nyeri Town Constituency, the NGCDF bursary funds have been rocked by a series of delays, which has ignited public outrage in the constituency, with voters now questioning their lawmakers’ credibility and commitment to education.

Multiple sources confiding to Hivi Punde disclose, that there is a push and pull between Nyeri Town Principals and the CDF office.

The MP, Dancun Maina Mathenge had asked principals to forward the names of their needy students to the CDF office, knowing well all his (DMM) CDF staff were fired and therefore there is no one to execute the bursary.

”Some members of the MP’s office tried to collude with some bursars and inflate the number of beneficiaries. When the list was taken to the Directorate of Quality Assurance and the Ministry of Education they were shocked to learn that Nyeri Town has 5,000 day students,” the source tells HP.

The Directorate asked where all those students were because as per their records, day schools in Nyeri Town have an average student population of 3,500, begging the question, who in the CDF office wanted to eat money for close to 1,500 students?

”If by Monday they will not release the bursary we will camp in the CDF office and demand money for the people of Nyeri Town to be released,” the source says.

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