Who Is Accounting for the El Nino Money?

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Shameful is what we should call the Ruto government deathbed for El Nino for Kenyans. That is where Kenyans are right now. It is a sad one.

Shameful is what we should call the Ruto government deathbed for El Nino for Kenyans. That is where Kenyans are right now. It is a sad one.

Calling this whole Ruto presidency on El Nino and the unfolding oil imports grand theft where Ruto’s “officials” and government agents cannot even dare attend senate hearings about their work as shameful would be an insult to shameful people and their acts. This is beyond that.

This is a tragedy of unbelievable proportions for Kenyans right now. In the oil sector maybe President Ruto can figure out how Kenyans can eat oil from Mombasa port. Then we don’t have to export it to anybody and unga can go to hell in a hurry. Let’s talk about that tomorrow and we will. No government should expect to walk from disaster to disaster. It has never happened.

What is emerging now is that the Ruto government cannot and will not do anything useful for Kenyans and people are beginning to accept that they are stuck with the worst possible government in Kenyan history. We have a reckless government that is telling Kenyans they can go to hell and come back if hell is worse or stay there is it is better. Kenyans are already in hell Mr. President and that is their country.

Here is what Mombasa Governor, Nassir said about the destructive El-Nino tragedy at the Coast in response to DP Gachagua claiming all the el-Nino money in the national budget has been sent to the counties.

“For someone who says that they are a person who loves to tell the truth, it is hypocritical to not have the face of telling the truth. No, we have not received El Nino funds. 

“I would love the media houses to ask the controller of budget to find out if the money was sent and which account it was sent to.”

The governor said he has checked with other counties and they have not yet received the funds as well.

He said the counties have only received normal disbursements from the national revenue share.

“The Deputy President is lying, in regards to whether we have received the El Nino money, yes he is and it is unfortunate but that it is what it is.

Speaking on Tuesday while distributing food to El Nino victims, the DP said that Governor Nassir should not leave all the work to the national government.

“Sisi katika serikali kuu tutajaribu kununua chakula, lakini tunataka pia County government of Mombasa, Governor Nassir pia atoe pesa anunue chakula wananchi wapewe,” he said.

“Hapa Mombasa ndio tuko na shida, ndio county government ambayo haijatoa chakula kwa wananchi. Mimi ni mtu wa kusema ukweli.”

(The National Government has tried to buy food for the flood victims, but we also want the county of Mombasa, Governor Nassir to release the funds to buy food for Mombasa residents)

(Mombasa is the only county that has a problem, the only county government that has not released funds to buy food for the flood victims. I am a truthful man)

He said the affected counties should prioritise the well-being of the residents.

Mombasa was on Monday engulfed in heavy flooding rendering some families temporarily homeless.

Several pedestrians and passengers whose vehicles stalled following heavy downpour almost drowned as they attempted to wade through the rushing waters to safety.

So far, official government statistics indicates that at least 70 people have died due to floods.  

At least 10 people have been killed in torrential rains that have been pounding Mombasa, Tana River, Kwale and Kilifi counties since Friday, officials said.

The Meteorological Department has warned of more rains in the coming weeks and asked for action to address the effects of the same.

The El Nino weather pattern, characterized by excessive rainfall, is causing severe weather disruptions in Kenya with a stark impact on its population.

The Kenya government set up big money for El-Nino and now nobody knows where that money is and it is having tragic consequences for Kenyan people.

Here is what we said about this matter and it is coming to haunt the country now.

See: Where Is the El Nino Money?

Now we have a real nightmare for the whole country.

Coast floods death toll rises to 20 as leaders hit out at Gachagua

Bamburi residents walk through flood waters as El Nino rains wreak havoc across the country.

The death toll from floods wreaking havoc in Coast has risen to 20 after six more people died in Kilifi county.

On Wednesday, Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro said a total of nine people have died in the county, up from the three announced earlier. The deceased include six adults and two children in Malindi, Magarini, and Kilifi South.

In Majengo, Kilifi South, a child drowned after their house was marooned by the floods, while a widow and his grandchild were also found dead inside their house that was submerged.

And here is El Nino in the North Eastern regions which where everything is under water.

This part of the country has been facing drought all year long and had to depend on food donations to survive. If we as a country were even half smart this amount of water in NEP could be turned into dams and lakes that could feed the region for decades to come.

But that needs planning and preparedness where you build tunnels and traps for the water to go into dams or even just ponds dug to keep the water. Instead what we have now is a lake with people drowning and every single property being destroyed. That is Ruto’s Kenya.

After the destruction from El-Nino Ruto will set up a Rebuilding Fund get huge loans and collect tax moneys for that and that money will go down the same drain as the El Nino Preparedness Funds. That is the Ruto government folks. It is called the Disaster Regime of Kenya.

How long can Kenyans live like this?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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