Where Is the El Nino Money?

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President William Ruto has now reduced mambo ni matatu to one thing.

We all know what that is. Mambo Ni Moja. Gimme your money and get lost. That is it for Kenyan taxpayers and heaven is waiting for you, that is all Ruto wants for Kenyans. How can anybody complain about that?

On Sunday, October 22, Ruto said that Kenya will have significant rains as the Kenyan Meteorological Department has scaled down its El-Nino warning.

The president thanked God for the latest development, saying El Nino would have caused a lot of destruction in the country.

“You had heard that there was a prediction that there would be El Nino that could have ruined properties. But who is God because they are now telling us there will only be significant rains which will not get to that level of destruction,” Ruto said.

However, Kenyans are raising many questions, bearing in mind the Sh. 15 billion of taxpayer money was already set aside to manage the effects of El Nino.

Previously, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua disclosed that the country would require KSh 10 billion to respond to issues arising from El Nino, especially in ASAL areas. On its part, the Council of Governors, through Governor Ann Waiguru, said counties would require KSh 15 billion in food for the displaced households.

Between Ruto’s central government and the Council of Governors, the Kenya budget was prepared to blow a Sh. 25 billion hole allegedly to help Kenyans.

Here is Governor Sakaja all set for El-Nino money with Wheelbarrows in Nairobi no less. How can you go wrong with that? Sakaja needs some money in those wheelbarrows right now. Pour it in William. No Ndugu Sakaja, that money is now going to God but you can keep the wheelbarrows for another El Nino next year.

Here is what Kenyans are saying now:

“Now that the President has told us there won’t be El Nino, let the billions that had been allocated for the rains be redirected into helping the suffering Kenyans.”

Come on Kenyans, be fair to Ruto. He was told El-Nino is coming big time in Kenya. Ruto rushed upstairs to meet God personally because they were friends. Ruto told God to spare Kenyans from that El Nino horror because they are facing insurmountable problems already. The prices of everything like fuel and even basic food have gone out of reach. Ruto told God that no bread, fuel, cooking oil, and flooded homes and roads would drive Kenyans nuts. Ruto asked God for mercy.

God told Ruto that is fine but how about the Sh. 25 billion set aside for what he was just about to throw out of the window. Ruto told God that money can be shared between himself and God and others.

That is what William Ruto did to save Kenya from the El-Nino. Can we as Kenyans let God share the money in peace with Ruto?

Apparently, Ruto tried to offer some mega rooms at Weston Hotel to God to do his thing and reduce what he needs from the El-Nino money but God said he doesn’t do his things in hotels and certainly not at Weston Hotel. So that is where we are as simple as that. You can’t blame God for this and for sure you cannot blame Ruto unless you want the El-Nino. Then raise your hand. I didn’t see any yet.

But Ruto keeps praying for all of you.

President Ruto also said the prayers for rains he conducted at the Nyayo National Stadium in February had also paid off.

“The country has since had prolonged rains which have allowed farmers to produce more for the country,” he said

“There are those who criticized us when we prayed for rains. We now have more rains than we have had in four years, that is God’s doing.” 

Now let big God and our little god have the El-Nino money, please Kenyans at least try to be grateful. What is wrong with that?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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