UK to extradite killer soldier for trial in Kenya

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A UK Army officer involved in the murder of Kenyan, Agnes Wanjiku will be extradited to Kenya for trial. This is according to Defense Secretary Eugene Wamalwa who revealed on Tuesday the government of Kenya and their UK counterpart have been holding high-level talks on how to help the family of Ms. Wanjiku get justice following the brutal event.

The CS also dismissed allegations Kenyan officials are involved in a deep cover-up, to try to bury the issue in an attempt of protecting the goog relationship between Nairobi and London.

”Everything will be done to ensure that justice is done in this matter. There is no such cover-up; there might have been a delay and that we own up to. Indeed justice has been delayed for Agnes Wanjiru but we must do all we can to ensure that justice is served,” CS Wamalwa said.

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Agnes Wanjiru while working as a sex worker in Nanyuki met the UK soldier who brutally lynched her.

On March 31, 2012, Ms Wanjiru is said to have had pleasant moments with the Duke of Lancaster’s regimen member at the Lion Court Hotel bar, before her decomposing body would be found three months later in a septic tank.

Reports indicate UK the soldier allegedly posted two pictures on Facebook, showing the outside of the Lion Court Hotel accompanied by captions ‘if you know, you know’.

“They were accompanied by captions ‘if you know, you know’ and the soldier tagged a number of the squaddies to notify them,” a UK paper says.

One of the killer soldier’s colleagues responded by posting a ghost emoji, to which another added the words “septic tank.” Another responded by posting emojis of teary laughter. 

The suspected soldier is said to have explained to a colleague that he accidentally killed the sex worker by choking her at the heat of having sex.

He is reported to have said that in reflection, he “gets all choked up thinking about that place” and that “come to think of it, I have had a sore throat today.”

Yet another soldier responded to the Facebook post by saying “wow wow we wow.”

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On Monday DCI director George Kinoti and head of National Police IG Hillary Mutyambai ordered afresh probe into the matter which risks tainting the relationship between Kenya and the United Kingdom (UK).

I have directed the DCI to reopen the case and compile all the available evidence and witness accounts and ensure that the case is concluded before a court of law,” Mutyambai said.

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