Very Tough 2022 Election Campaign About To Begin

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President Uhuru fired the first shot telling politicians whining about the high prices of basic commodities making life hard for Kenyans to do something about it instead of crying every day for public sympathy. The president talked about the economic consequences of Covid and the Russian war with Ukraine as circumstances out of his control that are having serious repercussions on the Kenyan economy.

“It is not Kenyans who brought the Covid 19 pandemic that cost loss of lives and jobs. But even as we try to bring back order and revive the economy, others have begun wars that are completely out of nowhere.”

“Instead of coming to help me and offer your advice, you are busy in the market abusing people and you are calling yourself a leader of a higher rank. You should have left long ago I get someone else to help me work.”

“Instead of assisting me to find solutions to our problems, you (Ruto) go accusing me and inciting Kenyans in political rallies,”

“You claim to be my deputy. But if you are blaming me, why don’t you leave your position so that I can get someone else to assist me?”

“We need to tell each other the truth. Where are you when I need you?” he posed.

Ruto fired right back at the president.

“I feel your pain. Those you assigned my responsibilities and ‘project’ mzee have let you down miserably,” Ruto said.

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“They bangled our BIG4, killed our party and wasted your 2nd term. Boss, am available. Just a phone call away. Sadly the last cabinet was two years ago.” “I am a phone call away” Ruto said.

I think the best thing for President Uhuru to do right now is head to Karen to sing and dance for Ruto in his house and office that Kenyans pay for him to party in and all problems Kenyans face would be solved mara moja. Wouldn’t that be just great? I am holding my breath for that.

But this is Ruto’s standard war game on President Uhuru. Oh, you brought Raila in after your handshake with him and everything went off the rail. In fact, Ruto tried everything in his public statements during the Mwai Kibaki mourning and burial events to piss on the concept of handshakes as a bad thing for Kenya.

Ruto even tried to smuggle his dying bottoms up hallucination into the national platform claiming that Kibaki was the godfather of his bottoms up whatever.

Ruto declared that after the next elections there should be no handshakes at all. My sense is that William Ruto will ask Raila for a handshake even before the swearing-in ceremony if Raila wins the elections. That is his job, not mine.

The lines are clearly drawn. President Uhuru cannot stand his deputy and he is going to go to war to get Azimio la Umoja team to take over the government from him.

This battle is going to go to the streets and the communities of our republic. This is not going to be shadow boxing anymore. It is going to be open and public and the Kenyan voters will have the last call. Can’t be better than that.

There was all that circus about Uhuru not shaking Ruto’s hands at the Kibaki funeral events. I was surprised that some of the most ardent Ruto worshippers were furious that Uhuru never shook hands with Ruto.

These are the same people who tell us how terrible President Uhuru Kenyatta is. Why the heck do they want such a person to shake the hands of their little prince? Because they know that Ruto fighting Uhuru is a losing war for him. Even Ruto knows that. He is not stupid. Now that battle is going to the road pretty soon and we will see how it goes.

Azimio should first seal off Nairobi County where the Ruto team fell asleep not realizing that is over 1 million votes. Azimio should strive to take all of Nairobi’s votes. Ruto has no game there. Then go for battle in the Mt. Kenya voting block.

Ruto needs 100% of all registered voters in Mt. Kenya after crashing out of Nairobi and Western. You stop him there the election becomes a formality. That is next.

Ruto’s mob is very mad with Uhuru right now saying some really silly things.

Kind of sad but it is what it is. These are supposed to be our new heroes in the 21st century. Really despicable people by any standards. But here they are responding to the president’s comments on Ruto.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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