US President Biden’s son details cocaine, alcohol addiction in new memoir

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The much anticipated Beautiful Things is out on April 6th, a detailed memoir of Hunter Bidden, the only surviving son of 46th President of the US, Joe Bidden.

The 51-year-old details his time in the US Army, struggle with Cocaine and alcohol, as well as the tragic road accident he lost his mother, and sister in December 1978. He recalls buying crack cocaine in the streets of Washington, even at one time, staying with a homeless crack addict.

”I’ve bought crack cocaine on the streets of Washington DC, and cooked up my own inside a hotel bungalow in Los Angeles. The relationship was symbiotic. It was two crack addicts who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. A one-act crack farce,” Hunter writes.

In 2014, Hunter was discharged from the US Navy Reserve, after testing positive for cocaine. He says at one time in 2016, while looking for the drug in Los Angeles he ended up with a gun pointed at his face.

“I went through and stepped around people curled up on thin pieces of cardboard. Beyond them, I noticed a tilting, unlit tent. It was pitch black. All I saw was the gun pointed at my face,” he writes.

In Beautiful Things, he reveals he started drinking heavily in his 20s, went to rehab, and later relapsed after his brother died of brain cancer in 2015 at age 46.

Hunter Bidden, now a Lawyer is sober and is based in Los Angeles.

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