Kenya, the US headed for a clash over Russian oil

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Kenya could be hit with trade sanctions and embargos by the United States (US) following revelations by President William Ruto that the country is ready to enter into a government-to-government partnership with global fuel exporters, including Russia.

During an interview with the BBC on Monday, the Head of State said the Kenyan government was willing to work with the Russians in its attempts to lower the price of fuel in the country.

”I am now going to move on to the agenda of making sure that we have government-to-government relationships that will progressively now begin the journey to bring the prices of fuel down,” President Ruto said. “All options are available to us as a country,” he added when asked if Russia was an option.

Early this month, President Biden threatened to impose sanctions on buyers of Russian oil that rely on western services and fail to abide by the price cap proposed by G7 countries, and his administration vowed to strictly enforce the policy once it takes effect.

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