Uhuru vows to sell Raila in Mt Kenya, dismantle Ruto

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday at State House in Nairobi told the Jubilee PG he will personally campaign for ODM leader Raila Odinga in Mt. Kenya, contrary to assumptions of his detractors telling him selling the former PM in Central is akin to selling pork in a mosque.

At a meeting with Mt Kenya MPs popularly known as Kieleweke who have been fiercely defending the Head of State’s agenda in Parliament, Uhuru thanked the loyal legislators for their Kiambaa by-election performance and reminded them they could now easily fight future Jubilee Party wars in Mt Kenya with the Kiambaa experience.

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”They are now desperate to spin whatever the President is saying because they know once truth arrives, lies must hide. But they know – a person who could sell Pork to a Mosque once, can do it again even easier. And it scares them silly,” Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Wambugu said on Saturday morning.

”The reality is that Raila has been involved in 2 handshakes with people from the Mountain. And he has delivered his part in both. Ruto has only been involved in one. And he clearly has NOT, delivered his part,” he added.

While addressing the MPs, Uhuru Kenyatta referenced both the DP and Raila Odinga figuratively in his speech, their history in KANU, ODM, during Kibaki administration, and now post Handshake.

”I was once attacked and told that trying to sell a certain person was like trying to sell Pork in a Mosque. But I kept selling and that person was bought, and it’s why we are here today. I can sell a better person, easier, today,” Uhuru said.

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In 2012, after being labeled an enemy of Mt Kenya following the events of 2007, William Ruto was picked by Uhuru Kenyatta- a Deputy Prime Minister at that time- for ‘political cleansing’ around the region, an exercise which culminated into the duo running on a joint TNA-URP ticket for the 2013 presidency.

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