The Sad Spectacle of Nyanza MPs Chasing Ruto

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I don’t want to laugh at our MPs because quite frankly they are not worth laughing at. These Ruto laughing stocks in Nyanza and Nairobi are worth Ruto pissing on their heads and that is about it. They are deader than dead as politicians.

Let me start with my own M.P Ochanda from Bondo constituency. I love my Bondo as a place where a lot had been done for the constituents and the country. Gideon Ochanda has been Bondo M.P. for more than ten years.

I was talking to my nephew in Bondo the other day who is a businessman running a construction company in the town and his wife who is a nurse in Kisumu and also runs her own grocery business which she built right next to their home in Bondo town.

I asked them if Gideon Ochanda has ever done anything in terms of development in Bondo Constituency. They told me the guy doesn’t even exist in Bondo and the only time they hear about him now is when he is with William Ruto. Once in a while, the MP distributes beans to Bondo folks. I would rather have people grow their own food.

I take development in Kenya very seriously because I am a businessman in Bondo Town and I am just putting together a proposal that I intend to go discuss with the politicians and other people down there later this year.

Here are some of my ideas on how we can develop things for everybody in my home area of Nyanza.

As a matter of fact, we have registered an NGO called Bondo Rural Strategic Development Agency (BORUSTRADA) to start as a pivot for the bigger project. My job now is to get some seed funding to launch the project.

Here is that dream my friends if we want to talk about development instead of bean and maize distribution.

Let the Luo MPs hanging on Ruto’s legs tell us what development projects they are doing right now as we speak.

Let people go to work and here we go.

So when I see a bunch of Luo MPs sitting down with Murkomen to talk about development that they will bring to Nyanza, I know it is a joke. What development did Murkomen bring to Elgeyo Marakwet where he was senator for ten years? Nada. Now those loser MPs are sitting down writing notes from Murkomen and Owalo. Please find another job. Will you?

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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