The Clergy Wants Ruto To Criminalize LGBTQ

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Archbishop Martin Musonde of Mombasa, Kenya, reads a statement of religious leaders following a dispute over the presidential election results, during a news conference in Nairobi, Kenya, Aug. 17, 2022. Kenya's Catholic bishops have called for peace after a dispute emerged in the election. (CNS photo/Fredrick Nzwili)

Religious leaders drawn from Muslim and Christian faiths now want President William Ruto to “walk the talk on his pledge against LGBTQ activities in the country.”

The senior members of the clergy from the Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical churches, along with leaders from various Muslim organizations, expressed concern over what they termed sustained attempts to legitimize LGBTQ, which they argue pose a threat to future generations.

They argued that the failure by the government to act on the matter was ‘unfortunate’ noting that the laws of Kenya “expressly criminalise acts of homosexuality and other unnatural acts.”

“We are concerned that the government is looking the other way as groups and organisations with sinister agenda continue to promote LGBTQ activities among Kenyans and especially within our young people,” the clerics under the Kenya Christians Professional Forum and Muslim Council for Imams and Preachers of
Kenya stated.

Drawing parallels from leaders of neighboring countries, the clerics urged President Ruto to follow the examples set by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu whom they say “have shown the way in their unequivocal stand against these evils.”

Museveni, in May last year, signed into law what was described as one of the harshest measures criminalizing LGBTQ, a move that sparked condemnation from the western nations, some of whom have since sanctioned the East African Community nation.

The clerics stressed the need for Ruto to follow suit for the sake of what they termed the country’s traditional ideals and values.

“President William Ruto needs to follow the same path and take the lead in ensuring that our cultural and religious traditions are maintained irrespective of coercion and pressure from Western states,” they said.

They were speaking after they signed a petition to inquire into the proliferation of LGBTQ in Kenya, raising concerns over what they termed sustained attempts to legalize it.

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