State House Illegally Paying 483 Ghost Workers

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A new report by the Public Service Commission (PSC) reveals that State House registered an excess of 483 employees on its payroll but not recorded on the approved staff register, ranking among the list of public organisations with the highest number of ghost workers.

The report, which evaluated the status of compliance by 289 public entities in line with the Constitution in the Financial Year 2022/2023, highlighted six organisations that had an excess of over 100 members of staff.

New Kenya Cooperative Creameries recorded the highest disparity, with an excess staff of 492 in the past year, followed by State House with 483 excess staff.

Other organisations include the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) with 115, The State Department for Higher Education (69),  The State Department for Devolution (61) and The State Department for Immigration (59).

The four organisations listed above also recorded excess staff in the 2021/2022 report, a clear indication that the public entities did not implement the recommendations stipulated by the PSC.

Overall, 12 organisations were recorded operating with less than 70 percent of the approved staff levels while four operated with 10 percent or less.

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