Speaker Muturi will not save Ruto from his land-grabbing cases. It is now on the August elections ballot

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On April 13, 2022, Justin Muturi thinking that he was doing his king a big favour was furious when MP Fatuma Gedi asserted in parliament that facts about William Ruto as a land grabber and a big thief are well documented and known to Kenyans.

Muturi as the Speaker of the house demanded that Fatuma Gedi provide evidence of her allegations or risk being thrown out of parliament. In two days she had the evidence in a whole briefcase and brought it all to parliament. Then the speaker who had the copies of the material given to him as provided by law freaked out after seeing the amount and the details.

Muturi realized he has put his boss in a mess. He could lose his job as Ruto’s new token in parliament if he couldn’t find a way to stop evidence of his king’s greed for and theft of public land from being made public in parliament.

In his ruling, today to save his thieving buddy Muturi had this to say according to the media.

Muturi pointed out that the documents by the Wajir Women Representative were inadmissible by failing to meet the rules of admissibility.

He said the documents which included newspaper printouts, photographs, and court judgment were uncertified.

“In this regard, the documents are inadmissible for failure to meet the threshold set for admissibility. I direct the document to be expunged from the record of the house. I also direct the clerk to return the document to the Hon. Member at an appropriate time” ordered Speaker Muturi.

“Honourable Members, further allow me to also caution Members against making allegations which amount to discussing the conduct of a person whose removal from office requires a decision of this House without a substantive evidence,” said Muturi.

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Among the purported evidence on land grabbing tabled include the parcel of land where Weston Hotel which is owned by Ruto sits, the piece of land in Turbo which was owned by Muteshi-a businessman who successfully reclaimed it through the courts.

Muturi is saying that even the court judgments provided to parliament as evidence of Ruto land theft need to be certified. I guess Ruto himself has to sign the documents before Muturi can allow M.Ps and the Kenyan public to access evidence of land thefts by a person who wants to be their president.

Here is the issue. Kenyans do not need Justin Muturi’s permission to verify cases of William Ruto land-thieving escapades which are all over the place. They know the facts already. In fact, the MP Fatuma Gedi is free to provide whatever information she presented to parliament to the public and to the media. Ruto can then sue her if she is lying. Of course, Ruto won’t do that. He knows the facts too.

You just don’t grab pieces of land worth billions by accident. It has been a full-time job for him since 1992. That is twenty years of great work for himself so he knows the facts and actually has never denied them.

William Ruto just assumes that Kenyans are too stupid to pay attention to the fact that he is a serial thief and landgrabber and will just elect him to the presidency so he can keep doing the same thing at a higher level. He might be surprised to learn that Kenyans may not want to put up with thieves as their government leaders. That is a decision Kenyans will make in about 90 days from now.

So it is good for everybody including Ruto and Muturi. Kenyans are going to have the last word on this in a short time.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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