Source: Purge to get rid of Uhuru cells in the DCI, NIS Underway

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The ongoing purge in the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is to clean the country’s top security agencies of any spies or officers deemed to be pro-Uhuru and who worked under former DCI Boss George Kinoti, especially in matters election. This is according to a source within the National Police Service.

Speaking to this writer on condition of anonymity, the source reveals a number of top officials in the two agencies (the DCI and NIS), especially those from Mt Kenya are targeted in the cleanup likely to cause a huge fallout in the security sector.

”The Indians are an excuse to cover up ongoing clean up of alleged Uhuru cells in the service. Find out the names, you realize more than a dozen of senior officers are from Central Kenya,” our source says.

Meanwhile, lawyer Danston Omari, who is representing four DCI officers arrested by the new government says the officers were targeted for refusing to fix their bosses.

The 4 police officers who made part of the Dissolved Special Service Unit SSU now claim that they are being forced to implicate their seniors in extra-judicial killings.

”Among the issues that came up when they were being interviewed is that they were being told to frame senior officers and other people in the multi-agency sector. My clients refused to do that, they were promised to be placed under witness protection if they complied,” Lawyer Omari said.

The four, Chief Inspector Peter Mutheee, Joseph Mbugua, Francis Ntote, and John Kamau who were arrested on Saturday, October 22 over the mysterious disappearance of two Indian nationals – Zaid Sami Kidwai and Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan – have now revealed that some State officials want to force a case on them so as to implicate top DCI and NIS bosses in a number of extrajudicial killings.

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