Ruto’s Endless Thanksgivings Replaces Moi gimmicks in a do-nothing Government

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At the height of his repression in Kenya, there was a time President Moi was in the media every day building something to stop soil erosion.

It was part of regular roadside shows to look relevant in a country where he really had no idea what to do for the people except to steal from them and kill the ones who opposed him.

Today we have another clueless president with no idea on how to address the needs of Kenyans in terms of cost of living, agriculture, security in many parts of the country, lawlessness, corruption, and theft of public resources driving the country into the depths of poverty.

So what does the president do to help Kenyans? Organize daily thanksgiving prayer meetings where they parade themselves and their families to show the electorate how well off and rich they are in shining clothes while many Kenyans are wondering where the next meal is coming from.

Okay we get it. We know Ruto believes his god chose him to be the president of Kenya.

Fair enough, can he now ask that god to talk to Kenyans and ask them what they expect from their governments because obviously, you cannot eat prayers?

If you need a house to live in, there is no god giving you that house. You need land and a Title Deed, don’t waste your time with god. Mr. Bwana Asifiwe is going to figure out how to address the real issues that Kenyans face and fulfill the promises he made in a five-year campaign.

Ruto didn’t promise Kenyans that he will deliver god to their houses. He promised them affordable food and other real things. If Ruto’s god is going to solve all the problems Kenyans face, then name god into the cabinet to run your government and let god tell Kenyans exactly what his or her net worth is before rubbing shoulders with other rich gods already in the cabinet.

Today in Kitui, Ruto claimed he wants to work with Kalonzo Musyoka. Does Ruto really need someone to help him pray for Kenyans? He can do that all by himself.

If you were doing something substantial for Kenyans, Mr. Ruto you can work with Kalonzo or whoever else. Right now you are so busy doing nothing you have enough people singing around for you and that is loud enough. Your god will hear them.

My mother taught me everything I know about God and prayers but we all knew one thing for a fact. Come time to eat lunch, our mother was not going to give you the bible to eat.

There would be real food on the table. This Ruto guy wants Kenyans to eat the bible. Can we get some Kachumbari to get this going and some sodas to wash the big book down? That could work. Kafu I don’t think so.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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