Senator Cherargei Hints at President William Ruto Seeking a Third Term

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Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has hinted at a three-term William Ruto presidency saying the Kenya Kwanza leader will have 15 years of economic transformation while at the helm of the country’s leadership.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Nandi Senator said Ruto needs five years of backfilling the debt hole created by the previous regime, another five years for economic stability, and the final five years of what he describes as Kenya’s prosperity of ‘milk and honey.’

In November last year, William Ruto shut down attempts by a section of lawmakers to annul a Constitutional limit of two five-year presidential terms that would have opened the way for him to lead the for 20 years.

Plans to remove the term limit were muted in a proposal by Salah Yakub, a member of parliament from the Western Fafi region, to replace it with an age limit of 75 years. Ruto is currently 55.

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