Scary Kenya is in Our Face. Don’t Be Afraid Just Deal With It

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As we all know Anne Waiguru is Ruto damu. She has been in Ruto’s dancing crowd all over the place, but now, her job as the Chairperson of the Council of Governors compels her to tell her boss the truth. William Ruto is killing Devolution, the hope for so many Kenyans and he is doing it pretty ruthlessly.

Addressing the media on Monday, Council of Governors chairperson Anne Waiguru said devolution is under threat by the national government.

“The Council of Governors hereby issues a 14 days notice to shut down counties, if February, March, and April arrears are not released within two weeks,”  Waiguru said.

The Kirinyaga governor said the devolved units have not received funds for the last four months.

“As of April 24, the National Treasury had not disbursed Sh94.35 billion,” she said.

According to her, the four-month delay is unusual in the history of devolution and contradicts the goals of the conference between President William Ruto and the governors that was conducted in Naivasha.

“We call upon the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary to immediately release the Sh94.35 billion owed to county governments without any further delay,” she said.

She also notified all Kenyans that due to the failure of the National Treasury to disburse the funds, county governments will not be able to deliver services as expected.

So seeing Anne Waiguru fighting Ruto or at least pretending do so reminds me of another tragedy in Kenya today where nothing whatsoever makes sense and yet it is in front of your face. You can’t hide from it.

How the heck on God’s good earth could this happen?

How did this so-called Pastor Paul Mackenzie convince so many Kenyans to starve to death in the name of some god while the pastor was himself eating and very healthy?

And the people were there dying every day and none of them said to hell with this. Starving to death takes weeks. It doesn’t happen in one second. And people see this going on as the pastor eats all their food and they are fine with dying. That to me is the biggest problem.

That an evil person can convince normal descent people to do absolutely dangerous and stupid things and die from it and there are others in the line-up. How is that possible?

Now the political leaders are doing what they are good at which is the only skill they have and that is to promise Kenyans that Mackenzie needs to be sent to Kamiti and hanged there quickly.

That is not going to happen because nobody even those on death row have been hanged in Kenya since 1987. That was when Kenya hanged the last of the 1982 coup plotters. So anybody who wants to hang this Mackenzie monster needs to do it while he is still at the police station. Quite frankly none of that matters. The dead are not coming back.

The real lesson here for Kenyans is that people with sweet talk can send you to your grave while you are cheering them. They can do it politically like Ruto has done or they can do it with just straight death like Mackenzie has done. The choice is yours.

One more thing, now even the big-time religious leaders are calling for some regulations to eliminate crazy church groups. Nonsense. Ida Odinga asked for that and the religious leaders wanted her hanged.

Today, the church in Kenya is back at State House singing and dancing for Ruto. I don’t see much difference between the mercenary big church leaders we have in Kenya today and Paul Mackenzie.

The only difference is that Mackenzie gets his victims dead in two weeks of starvation while the big church leaders would rather have their victims (followers) dead from starvation and disease in maybe one year or so as long as the politicians pour money into their churches. Not much of a difference for me.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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