Ruto’s UDA obsessed with Azimio and Uhuru

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Do they have nothing else to tell Kenyans?

”My brother Mr. President, we have seen what you are doing to us, but because we are God-fearing we have forgiven you, we leave you to God. You have intimidated us but we have forgiven you,” Ruto speaking in Thika Stadium.

“I walked with you when you needed a friend to walk with. We traversed the Country, kneeled before God so that the ICC case would go away. We walked with you during the trial and even travelled with you to the Hague,” He said.

“We walked with you across the Country mobilizing support for your Presidential bid, we even voted you 3 times and helped you become President, why persecute us now,” Ruto said.

On Sunday Ruto and UDA held their rally in Thika to respond to Azimio events the day before. Kenyans can see that UDA is becoming a party of responding to something done by Azimio and doing nothing else.

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In fact, Ruto is beginning to trail Raila pretty much daily. Raila is in Meru today, Ruto has to be there the next day. Raila goes to Thika today you know where Ruto will be tomorrow.

The response to the Raila and Azimio launch has gone overboard. Why cry to Uhuru. UDA leaders tell us all the time that UHURU has no support anywhere in Kenya. Then why worry about him. They should be cheering Uhuru for not bringing his alleged uselessness to them.

Someone needs to tell Ruto and his UDA that this election is not going to be about BBI or those handshake arguments. This thing is on the ground. Look at those people at Jacaranda Grounds yesterday. They didn’t come there in uniform. They packed that place wanting to hear what Raila and Azimio has to offer them. That is how they are going to vote.

If Ruto is tired of his bottoms up slogans he needs to find something else to talk to Kenyans about. These angry outbursts about Uhuru are not going to be helpful. Uhuru will bring to Azimio what he can garner on the ground. Let him go for it.

Uhuru has made his choice and has explained to Kenyans the reasons why he made those choices. He trusts Raila to deliver what Kenyans need going forward.

Instead, leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto in the Kenya Kwanza are demanding that Uhuru Kenyatta apologize for his support of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

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The alliance, led by Elgeyo Marakwet, claims that President Kenyatta has abused his position by engaging in succession politics.

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen had this to say at the rally.

“Kama Kenya Kwanza tunaamini taifa letu lazima lisonge mbele kutoka kwa uongozi wa Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Murkomen on Sunday, “Mimi nimefanya kazi na yeye, na ninataka aombe taifa la Kenya msamaha kwa sababu siku ile walianzisha BBI, nilikuwa mmoja wa washauri wake.”

According to the senator, Mr. Kenyatta had promised to back Ruto in his quest for the presidency this year, and thus throwing his support to Odinga is wrong.

“Nilienda kwake akatuambia kuwa anaaka kunganisha Kenya sio kwamba anafukuza naibu wake wa Rais, akasema atakuwa chief campaigner wa William Ruto 2022,” added Murkomen.

“2022 imefika na jana ametangaza kuwa amekuwa akipanga hiyo mipango yake kwa miaka minne. I want to tell President Kenyatta, be the gentleman you are and apologize for using State resources and time for four years kufukuzana na mambo ya kitendawili.”

Kenya Kwanza has come up with all sorts of fear-mongering now claiming that Uhuru’s endorsement of Raila is “the greatest threat to the peace and democracy of our country”.

“Jana amesimama akasema amekuwa chief campaigner wa Raila Odinga, I want to ask Uhuru Kenyatta, in front of Kenyans and the international community, to assure us that if his project loses the elections kuwa utapeana usukani rasmi kwa William Ruto,” said Murkomen.

This is the weeping and crying going on in UDA right now.

Maybe after they come back from their mourning and grief over losing President Uhuru Kenyatta- who has opted to support a leader and a coalition of Kenyans who want to move the country forward and achieve greater things for Kenyans – Ruto and UDA will start talking to Kenyans about what matters to them.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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