Ruto’s Police State Now in Full Gear

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Raila Odinga at Dr. Matiangi's residence on February 15th night.

William Ruto has now launched full state thuggery against Kenyans and he thinks he is going to get away with it. He is fooling himself. Ruto should have learned something yesterday when he called Kenyans to Nyayo Stadium for some comical national prayer and nobody showed up and he was there pretty much with his wife and a handful of singers.

Kenyans are not interested in Ruto’s silly jokes and when now he is sending police officers to illegally raid people’s homes claiming to be looking for CCTV about another police raid, Ruto is going to see Kenyans simply say no to him in his face and then it is game on.

Ruto sent his operatives to court to get an order for the DCI to have access to Fred Matiangi’s home, allegedly to look for footage of a previous raid in the same home a few days back. After the court hearing, Milimani Court magistrate Wandia Nyamu declined to issue orders compelling former Interior CS Fred Matiang’I to provide DCI with access to his Karen home CCTV footage.

The judge directed the DCI, which had filed the application, to serve the papers to Bob Morgan Security Services and appear before duty court on March 7, 2023.

After the court refused to take orders from Ruto and made a ruling on the matter, Ruto and his thugs said to hell with Kenyan courts and illegally broke into Matiangi’s home in broad daylight to carry out their plans to ransack the home.

Ruto’s message to Kenyans here is that he is the king and the Kenyan courts and laws are irrelevant to him. Ruto can do anything he wants, including violently raiding people’s homes even after the courts have directly told them not to go to Matiangi’s home which is now a crime scene as we speak.

Of course, this matter is going back to court but the bigger issue is, what are Kenyans going to do with dictator Ruto who has now announced to them openly that he is above Kenyan laws? Why did the idiots even bother to go to court to get an order in the first place if they were going to raid Matiangi’s home regardless?

The police are committing a crime on live pictures allegedly looking for CCTV which they claim may have evidence of some other crime. Just how stupid is that kind of thinking? Politicians being arrogant is one thing but being stupidly arrogant can be very dangerous for them.

If Moi was alive today, he would have told Ruto that you need a little intelligence and common sense even if you want to run a government of thugs, for thugs by thugs. You have to think things through so you can see the beginning and the end and not just jump headlong into nonsense. Only a fool would test the depth of the river with both legs in there.

Well, Ruto has now announced his plans and intentions for Kenya. He is going to hear from those Kenyans loud and clear. Presidents can do a lot of things in Kenya and get away with them but outright thuggery against the citizens is not one of those things.

William Ruto is going to learn firsthand what resistance against state repression looks like. He is asking for it and he is going to get it right in his face. That is a promise not a threat from the nation. The time for mass action against the Ruto government has come and it has been imposed on Kenyans by Ruto himself.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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