Ruto Thanks his Police for Doing a Good Job

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“I want to commend our security agents for being professional in how they have handled all these people. Criminals must be dealt with decisively irrespective of who they are or the authority or power they think they have,” said Ruto.

He added; “We cannot allow people to destroy property or cause mayhem and then go scot-free. Everyone must follow the law.”

Kenyans can look at this really wonderful job the Ruto police are doing when they drag a person from their own house and do what Ruto wants them to do. How great is this for Ruto? Thank you Mr. President is the message Kenyans should have for Ruto after seeing this good job.

Amnesty International has put the number of those who have been killed since the protests started in March 2023 at 30 people.

The Azimio coalition has complained about the conduct of police during the protests and has called on the international community to take investigate the matter.

According to the coalition, the government has disrupted what was supposed to be peaceful demonstrations, injured and killed innocent citizens.

“We have noticed an unprecedented level of police brutality on innocent Kenyans. We are calling on the international community to take serious note of these happenings,” said National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi during a press statement on Thursday, July 20 at Parliament.

“We are asking the International Criminal Court to take a keener interest in what is happening in Kenyan and formally ask the Director of Public Prosecution to carry out independent and speedy investigations on the perpetrators.”

There is one thing Kenyans can do and it is going to be done without a doubt. The Ruto killings and violence against Kenyans is going to the ICC. This time the evidence is available and it is overwhelming. Kenyans are going to come together and take this matter to the next level. As a human rights activist for over 30 years now, I know exactly how the ICC works and we are going there. Let’s meet at The Hague.

This is now an international human rights violation at a magnitude that only the ICC can handle. The ICC only comes in when the state cannot punish those violating human rights because those are employees of the state and are doing what they have been asked to do.

And former president Uhuru Kenyatta is ready to defend his family from the Ruto harassment by new terror police with ” Police cars” that have South Sudan plate numbers. It is not the Taliban doing this of course. Or is it?

‘I’m Not Scared, Come For Me!’ Angry Uhuru Kenyatta Tells Gov’t After Son’s Home Raided

A screengrab of former President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the press on July 21, 2023. in Karen after his son’s home was allegedly raided.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday evening resurfaced and addressed the press following reports that police officers had allegedly stormed the Karen home of his first-born son, Jomo.

Uhuru, visibly angered, said he was in his office catching up on work when his son informed him that individuals in plain clothes claiming to be police were demanding access to his home.

He then rushed over but when he arrived, he noted, the said officers – who were driving vehicles with South Sudan number plates – had already left.

The agitated retired Head of State then went ahead to slam the government for what he termed as an attempt to intimidate those closest to him, instead of just going for him directly.

Uhuru further cited recent instances in the country that allude to the State having an agenda against him, including the withdrawal of security officers attached to his mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta, as well as a threat by Trade, Industry and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria to storm his Ichaweri home and relieve himself there.

 “All of these things are flowing in a row. I have a whole minister of government saying that he’s going to do I don’t know what in front of my mother’s house. I have people who have been guarding my mother for the last 50 years withdrawn at night. I have now a situation where my son’s home is being raided for things that I don’t understand,” he stated.

“So I ask myself, what does this government want? Because if it wants me, the fact that I’ve been silent doesn’t mean I’m scared, come for me.”

He added: “What does my mother have to do with anything? What do my children have to with anything? Kama shida yenu ni mimi, I’m here. They know where I am 24/7. Why all this, intimidate a 90-year-old woman and children? If it is me you want, come and tell us what you want.”

Kenyatta argued the government should instead focus on addressing issues raised in the protests saying that is what he did while in government.

“The issues that Kenyans are talking about have nothing to do with me,” he said.

“Have you seen me in any of those demonstrations or talk about those protests?” he posed.

Kenyatta vowed to resist intimidation designed to scare him from supporting Azimio leader Raila Odinga insisting government will not dictate his associates.

“So I should not be allowed to talk with my friends, is that a crime in Kenya now? Are you telling me that they are terrorists and bank robbers that I should not associate with them,” the retired President stated.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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