Ruto Should Endorse Azimio Letter to The ICC. Don’t They Want To Arrest Raila?

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A few days ago the Ruto mob was about to write a letter to the ICC so they can arrest Raila.

Now Azimio has actually written a letter to the same ICC and gave them specific actions by the Ruto government against Kenyans that amount to crimes against humanity like plain clothes thugs sent by the police and their bosses at State House to shoot and kill Kenyans. All of a sudden, the same Ruto government that wanted ICC is now crying that Azimio is unfair to them.

DP Gachagua already confessed that he commits crimes against Kenyans and he does that for his boss. Is Gachagua asking the ICC to arrest William Ruto instead of arresting him?

“The Azimio la Umoja fellows don’t understand me, I have to defend my boss. You must agree to take the bullet for your boss. That is why they are threatening to report me to the Hague. How can defending your boss and his programs become a crime to be reported at The Hague?” the DP posed.

Mr. Gachagua if you are killing people on behalf of your boss that is not a defense before the ICC but rather a confirmation to the ICC that your crimes cannot be prosecuted in Kenya because you are committing those crimes for your boss, the president, so both of you can only face justice at the Hague.

And for the love of God this UDA or supposedly UNGA government just cannot figure out what lies to tell Kenyans about the UNGA prices.

How about asking CS Linturi to ban anybody from selling UNGA unless they do so at the government price? It seems the only thing the Ruto government is doing apart from their reckless lies is ban this or that and then Ruto keeps commissioning projects that are going nowhere every day.

On Wednesday, Murokomen banned students from traveling at night after terrible accidents took the lives of so many young ones. Maybe if they travel in the same vehicles during the day an Ambulance will be able to save them before they die after the accidents occur. That will be really great for the students and their families.

And the CS for Education has ordered government money for funerals and health costs for surviving students from the accidents. That is great for grieving families and the country. How about health costs for Kenyan pupils and students who die from all sorts of health hazards for which their parents have no money?

It is not only school kids’ healthcare that is a nightmare for Kenyans. It is the overall state of health services in the country, with county governments unable to pay healthcare workers we are having strikes as we speak.

But the healthcare issue in Kenya is bigger than that.

Here is the biggest health center in Juja Constituency. If this was a toilet somewhere in your neighborhood, you would be terrified to go there.

But this is how our MPs pretend to spend CDF for their constituents. It is just sad for the citizens. Can anybody believe this is a health center? Maybe for rats. But that is a health center in Kiambu, one of the biggest counties in Kenya. Who is cheating who?

Residents of Juja are raising concerns over the poor state of Gachochoro Health Centre, the biggest public hospital in the constituency.

Gachochoro Health Centre is a lifeline for thousands of residents but is in a wanting state that workers there and residents want to be addressed.

Residents say that the facility has no fence to deter animals and trespassers, leaving workers and patients vulnerable.

“Cows, goats, and donkeys graze freely inside the compound. This has been the situation for many years,” lamented Peter Mwangi, a resident of Juja.

A worker at the facility noted that poor drainage is another issue that is yet to be addressed.

“Hospital equipment and drugs are not safe without a perimeter wall. When it rains, flood water makes the sewer to overflow and ends up creating a swamp here,” he said.

Juja ward MCA Jeremiah Kiama admitted that there are security concerns regarding the facility.

“Lack of a fence has resulted in unauthorized entry of strangers risking the security of patients, staff, and property,” he said.

Then we have this total madness in Murang’a where some local leaders are being pushed and programmed to declare Raila Odinga a persona non-Grata in Murang’a.

Murang’a County Security committee on Wednesday evening declared Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga and his political associates as unwanted in the region.

That is a very dangerous line of action from Ruto and his Gachagua little fool. You start that process the next day some Kikuyus are declared non-Grata in some parts of the country and then it goes on and nobody including those who start this nonsense can stop it. Kenyans saw that in 2007/8 PEV violence. Kenyans got fixated on who can live or go where in the country based on tribe.

Do Ruto and Gachagua want to start that process again? Here is my small advice. You can start it because you have the security instruments but once it is underway you will not be able to control it. If that is what you want go ahead and you will see the results.

Raila has his political allies have a meeting in Murang’a.

Please let them go ahead and it is not an issue. Azimio had their most peaceful rally in Nairobi at Kamkunji grounds. No violence. No destruction of property. Just Kenyans talking to each other. What is wrong with that?

What Kenyans now know is that when the police shooters and thugs leave the citizen alone to hold their demonstrations there is absolutely no problem. That is the way it has to be and that is the way it will be whether Ruto likes it or not. Kapish.

Usawa Kwa Wote party leader Mwangi Wa Iria on Wednesday visited the Muranga Police Station to submit a notification letter to the station’s OCS regarding the town hall meeting to be attended by Azimio and Multi-Sectoral leaders on Thursday 20th April 2023.

“We are coming to engage the people… those who have been asking why Murang’a has not participated in the national debate calling for a reduction in the cost of living, finally we are here. We are going to meet our supporters who feel left out in the scheme of things… those who are not Kenya Kwanza Alliance members. Those who feel they are not part of the waiting for government dividends,” Wa Iria said in Muranga.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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