Ruto Regime Doesn’t Know What to Do or Say On the Monday Riots they Organized Against Kenyans

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It took William Ruto more than 24 hours when the country he is supposed to lead was ablaze on fire for him to finally find a voice to say something about the total chaos in Kenya and even then he refused to make any sense of the issue.

“We have deliberately offered the police operational and financial independence to work. It is their duty to ensure that everyone adheres to the rule of law,” said Ruto.

The President also stated that the government would utilize Kenya’s diverse and skilled human capital to boost the country’s global profile.

“Negotiations are on the table with countries such as Germany to eliminate red tape so that our human capital can be utilized.”

Someone should tell Ruto to forget about “eliminating red tape” to woo German investors and others to come to Kenya unless his government can stop putting red and real fire on peoples’ properties and businesses, just because he considers those people his political enemies.

And yes Ruto is right that they have offered the Kenya police operational and financial independence, but the entire operational gear William Ruto has offered IG Koome and the Kenya police is for them to assist in violent vandalism and stealing of the properties of Ruto’s political rivals, whom he considers not just as his enemies but enemies of Kenya. That is what Kenyans saw on March 27, 2023, and it went on for more than 24 hours.

At least Ruto has opened his mouth make to some senseless statements about the chaos his government unleashed on Kenyans. Ruto’s big mouth DP Gachagua who was yelling at Kenyans all week on how he was going to capture Raila in Nairobi and discipline him still has no guts to utter a word. It looks like the DP is very busy looking at the exact same files profusely while doing nothing at all.

Monday March 27th, 2023
Tuesday March 28th, 2023

And then talk about dumb and dumber.

IG Koome went into hiding for more than 24 hours as his police force was working with criminals invading farms and businesses, as well as terrorizing Nairobi residents, particularly in the Kibra area. He watched on TV all day as armed thugs and criminals assisted by his own police force invaded and ransacked former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s farm in Ruiru which is 15 kilometres from Nairobi where IG Koome himself is based.

He watched the invasion having his breakfast in the morning and watched it later having his lunch. In the evening as the criminals set Uhuru’s farm on fire, IG Koome maybe was eating steak from some of the sheep stolen from Uhuru’s farm. The man was having a great day and a wonderful time. What else do you want the Kenyan IG to do on a day like that horrible Monday?

The next day, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, with a full stomach Koome finally decided that Uhuru Kenyatta is actually a Kenyan citizen and it is his job to stop thugs and criminals from taking over his farm. By that time, Koome was very sure the work they wanted to be done at the Uhuru farm was finished and now it was time to send the police to the farm to see if there is any goat or sheep meat left after the government thugs finished feasting on prime steaks after slaughtering animals in the farm.

And then for comical relief, Koome talked about how he swiftly sent police officers to Northlands and other scenes of violence on the day of the demos.

If sending security forces to an invasion Kenyans had been seeing on TV for more than one day is how “swift” Koome can be that is not funny at all. But then again, when your bosses are the ones burning Uhuru’s farm he had to give them time and if that meant waiting as long as he did, then he was only doing his job.

As we can see IG Koome was very busy providing some swift medical help to those who got injured and hurt during the demos. The man needs an award the way he was using ambulances to rescue Kenyans.

Not wanting to be left out of the action, the other Ruto clown, DPP Nordin Haji has given IG Koome 14 days to give him people to prosecute for the demos. Looks like DPP has no cases to withdraw from the courts for his boss, now so he needs some work.

“Whereas some suspects have been arrested and charged in court for various offences, we have noted that the persons culpable for planning, inciting, instigating, and/or financing the commission of the aforementioned offences have not been investigated,” Haji stated.

“Consequently, pursuant to Article 157 (4) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, you are hereby directed to undertake comprehensive investigations into the aforementioned offences and ALL persons responsible for planning, inciting, instigating, and/or financing the commission of any offence and submit the investigation file within fourteen (14) days of the date hereof.”

The truly laughable part there is that the DPP wants to prosecute “ALL persons responsible for planning, inciting, instigating and/or financing the commission of any offence”

Mr DPP the people who planned the invasion of the Kenyatta farm are known by the whole world and those involved in those criminal activities include your boss the president, his DP and IG Koome himself. Are you sure you can prosecute those people?

If Haji is very desperate for someone to be investigated, maybe he can start with small ones like this Ichungwa dude who is the UDA leader in parliament. He told Ruto to his face that it was time to invade the Kenyatta family farm a few days before it was done by the government he works for.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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