Nusu Mkate of Rotten Bread from Ruto to Azimio would make Kenyans Vomit

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Ruto and his gang have realized they are in deep trouble from every angle.

Their extremely dangerous and stupid moves on Monday, March 27, 2023, of raiding the Kenyatta farm with government thugs, causing mayhem in Nairobi, burning and destroying it to try to generate some resentment towards Azimio and their leader Raila Odinga and the overall total chaos where the Kenya police ignore violence and crimes against Kenyans have backfired big time on Ruto regime everywhere.

Ruto mandarins just don’t know what to do. IG Koome is now a national joke the likes of which Kenyans have not seen for generations. It is just plain embarrassing that this man is the Inspector General of our Police Force. Ruto knows that and Koome himself knows that and the more he tries to extract himself from his total criminal failure as the IG of the Kenya Police, the more ridiculous and unfit for office he looks.

Ruto big-time leader as the boss of the National Assembly for UDA Kimani Ichungwa has been in every Kenyan media outlet all day Tuesday, March 28, 2023. That is because he is the one who over the weekend told Ruto and all Kenyans that the Kenyatta family farm will be invaded by people because it is Kenyatta financing the Azimio rallies for development and democracy in Kenya. Then the raid happened big time as he promised.

Now Ichungwa is coming up with explanations of how that raid happened and if it was not so sad, you could just laugh at him. According to Ichungwa, it was Azimio who raided the Kenyatta farm. Then he provides their evidence which makes you want to cry in mercy for him.

Ichungwa says that the proof of the Azimio attack on the farm is that the ex-president has elite security officers assigned to him and none of them was at the farm to stop the attacks. That to him means Uhuru Kenyatta planned the raid on his farm with Raila and Azimio and left the farm open for the attack. Lord have mercy.

This little guy forgets one thing. The security police officers assigned to ex-politicians as well as opposition leaders and MPs are still employees of the Kenya government and the police officers in those jobs are answerable to none other than IG Koome. That is why the Ruto government has been withdrawing security police officers from opposition MPs and senators during the demos to scare the hell out of those politicians. It hasn’t worked.

But if Uhuru was to withdraw his state-paid security officers to his farm so that Azimio can raid the farm and blame the government, those officers would have reported that to IG Koome immediately and that would have been a great opportunity for government to deal with the matter and put Raila and Uhuru under investigations. Nothing like that happened so Ichungwa is trying to cook up a dirty dish that even he can’t eat with a straight face.

Then the fact that IG Koome and the entire Kenya security system let the criminal thieves destroying the Kenyatta farm commit their crimes for more than 24 hours before they sent the police there after all the criminals were gone would mean that the Azimio attack on the Kenyatta family must have been coordinated by Uhuru himself, Raila Odinga and both of them were working with IG Koome not to send his own police force there. This attack was on live TV everywhere in Kenya and across the world for more than 24 hours.

The security forces came after the farm had been vandalized and the criminals were now trying to build their own mabati homes on the farm because they were there for so long, burned the place down and had no problems.

It is even more strange that President Ruto himself who is in touch with his security forces all the time regardless of where he is never bothered to call IG Koome when he knew about the invasion on Kenyatta land and ask him to go stop it until it was over a day and a half later. Was William Ruto also in the Raila and Uhuru conspiracy to invade the farm and blame the Kenya government? There is fantasy and lunacy. This is both.

Now realizing that their debacle on the day of the demos has opened a can of worms for them which is drowning their machismo declarations of how they will tame Azimio, they have come back to the only weapon left.

Ruto and his hopeless team in government are now back to the handshake crap talk. They are screaming that at this time all Raila wants is a handshake and they are not going to give it to him. They are telling Raila that he is not getting the Nusu Mkate which they claim is all Azimio wants. Great.

Just look at the Mkate Ruto is holding in his hands and hogging through his mouth to his ears. It is completely rotten bread with insects coming out of it. Who on earth would want to eat half of that Mkate unless you want to commit suicide?

The whole bread is bad enough but you can always start with a small slice from Ruto like this one which of course is worse. You can eat this and be dead pretty quickly. Who wants that? Azimio wants this slice of bread?

Why is the Ruto bread so rotten and sickening?

You start with the obvious. Kenyans are starving because the prices of all food products are just too high for them. This was William Ruto’s main agenda in his campaign with his Bottoms-Up slogan. Ruto was going to reduce the price of food as well as other basic needs for low-income Kenyans (mama Mbogas and Boda Boda riders) so they could make a decent living and improve their lives.

What has Ruto done to achieve that key promise he made to Kenyans? Absolutely nothing and it is obvious to Kenyans that the cost of living is not a priority for Ruto and his government because Kenyans can see they are spending billions to give big pay and benefits to Ruto’s cronies, many of whom are being illegally employed to make big money. Kenyans are not stupid so they can see what is going on with Ruto and his buddies in government.

Until William Ruto can come up with serious plans and actual developments in reducing the cost of living to make life possible for Kenyans, any politician shaking hands with him for Nusu Mkate is eating that really rotten bread up there.

The other sick thing happening with the Ruto government is their total disrespect for the laws of our republic as per the 2010 constitution which Ruto likes to talk about but never follows.

Just a few weeks ago Ruto trashed the laws of the country and appointed 50 CAS officials instead of the 23 under the law, as well as the job advertisement by PSC, and then increased their pay through the roof. The courts then put those Ruto appointments on hold and asked the government not to pay those people nor assign them any duties until the matter is fully resolved in court.

What have the Ruto big boys done since that court ruling? On March 27, 2023, DP Gachagua in defiance of the court ruling brought three CAS officers appointed under him to his office to start work to let the courts and Kenyans know that the Ruto government is above the laws of Kenya.

Gachagua said his CAS appointees have started working in his office. Who is going to pay their salaries and benefits? The Kenyan taxpayer will do it and Gachagua and Ruto are telling you the courts can go to hell under their dictatorial rule. Really? Let’s see about that.

Kenyan groups like the LSK and Katiba Institute have made it clear that none of these people can work or get paid until the court decides the case based on the court order already issued. But when you work for Ruto, the laws of the country are just jokes and your job is to laugh at them.

Others in the Ruto cabinet are doing the same as they have realized ignoring the laws of Kenya is a welcome move in the government now. Who wants to eat that rotten Nusu Mkate?

Under Ruto, all cases of massive corruption are being withdrawn from the courts and each one of those suspects is then immediately appointed to the government.

The leading phenomenon in all these cases is that these were cases that were brought to the courts during the presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta and many of them are on Ruto’s friends including the DP Gachagua who had a Ksh. 12 billion corruption and money laundering case against him which led to Sh. 200 million of the stolen money he had in his bank being held by the Kenya government.

Ruto is making sure that all corruption cases against his friends are withdrawn and his DP had Sh. 200 million held for corruption charges returned to him and all cases against him on corruption withdrawn.

Then the case against Mary Wambui for Sh. 2.2 billion on tax evasion was withdrawn by Ruto who immediately appointed her to a top job in his government as the Communications Authority (CA) Director.

Mary Wambui had been charged as director of Purma Holdings Limited with alleged failure to pay taxes amounting to Sh2,231,789,125.

She faced eight counts of unlawfully omitting income tax returns for their company between 2014-2019.

The alleged unpaid taxes emerged from the billions of shillings earned by the company from government tenders for supplying boots, uniforms, and cereals to the military, among other State departments.

And here is the other crook freed by Ruto and Sh. 41 billion of taxpayer money thrown in the corruption garbage bad for Mr. President to have a friend he really needed.

Humphrey Kariuki gets back liquor factory after big State job



Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has handed over Africa Spirits Limited (ASL), to billionaire Humphrey Kariuki just days after he was appointed by President William Ruto to head a powerful investment committee.

The Thika-based factory was closed in 2019 and kept under the watch of the taxman and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on the accusation of Sh41 billion in tax evasion.

Its doors had been shut, complete with DCI and KRA seals, and premises gates manned by the police.

Now, this is part of that huge rotten Mkate. Do you want Nusu Mkate of that if you are Azimio? Absolutely no.

Soon after Ruto freed him and gave him that Sh.41 billion tax payer money for free, Humphrey Kariuki paid them back taking them to his exclusive resort in Nanyuki so they could plan other activities in luxury to free those who rob Kenyan taxpayers.

The Ruto boys and girls were hopping up and down the resort like they had just stepped into heaven. You take Sh. 41 billion from the pockets of Kenyan taxpayers for this kind of favour and you get the rewards if you are William Ruto. Does Azimio want to eat half that Sh. 41 billion robbery of taxpayer Mkate? I don’t think so.

So yes many groups in Kenya like faith groups, independent organizations, politicians, and all people of good faith and with good intentions are asking for the two parties in the Kenya political conflict today to talk it out and find some peaceful agreement and work together.

That is okay but it has to be about what is good for all Kenyans and not just about eating some rotten Nusu Mkate from Ruto by Azimio because that will hurt all Kenyans. It is not complicated, is it?

In the Ruto government just in the 7 months, they have been in power they have thrown out and awarded hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to friends and supporters of the president while Kenyans continue to languish in poverty and hopelessness with no sign of relief in sight.

No political entity in our country that wants to work for the people of Kenya should swallow that rotten Mkate from Ruto. Never. Work for the country and the citizens and everything will work out fine for Kenyans. That is what the people are going to the demos for. It is not for fake power sharing to exploit Kenyans.

If Ruto wants to keep that Rotten Mkate he has now, let him eat it all and Kenyans will determine how that works for him. If there is real desire and commitment to make the country better for all let Kenyans address that with their leaders from every side. Anything good for the country Kenyans will accept and nothing else. That is where the country is right now.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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