Ruto Must Make His Tax Returns Public For Kenyans to See

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William Ruto wants to take his political theatrics to a new level. Mr. Billionaire is going to Times Tower to file his income tax return on Friday, May 26, 2023. Kenyans know it is all for the show because Ruto is having a nightmare imposing his unbearable taxes on Kenyans.

So Ruto thinking Kenyans are not that smart to figure things out what is going on, wants drama at the Tax House where he will take 100 pictures and nobody will see what actually is in his tax return which is the only picture Kenyans need and wants to see.

Start with Sugoi farm of one million chickens where Ruto claimed he makes millions every day. How much tax is Ruto paying from his income at the farm? If he is making millions every day from the chicken farm he should be paying Sh. 350,000 per day per million. How much tax has Ruto been paying from that farm alone this year and in the last couple of years?

Then comes Ruto’s biggest theft item on record, the Weston Hotel, which is built on land stolen from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) which case is before the courts of appeal as we speak.

How many millions per year is Ruto making from this property built on stolen public land? How much tax is Ruto paying every year from that income. As an accountant I can tell you with a lot of confidence that William Ruto is not paying a penny of tax from Weston Hotel and not a penny from his Sugoi farms. That is why these people love power. It gives them all the money they want and they don’t have to pay a penny in taxes.

Sugoi farm would be listed as some family farm with no income. The money comes and Ruto takes it to his personal bank account. Case closed. With Weston Hotel they will do all accounting tricks to show the hotel is not making any money just paying insurance and they will file all sorts of bogus expenses. Show me the Weston Hotel income statement and balance sheet and we can do the math of how Ruto is robbing Kenyans by paying no taxes even after grabbing land for the hotel.

So William Ruto will show up in the tax office with his pay slip from the Kenyan taxpayers who have been paying him millions a year for being a DP who was fighting his boss and doing nothing but campaigning. That is fine. So it will be the salary and benefits in millions a year and the compulsory deductions and then Ruto will yell at Kenyans about how he has paid all his taxes. Rubbish. Ruto’s real income for which he should pay taxes is will always be hidden from Kenyans until he is unmasked completely. That is coming.

How about rental income. Ruto owns and rents out some million properties in Kenya everywhere from Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nyeri, Machakos, Taita Taveta and all over. Where are the tax incomes for all those properties and land Ruto own and make money from?

Rental income is taxed in three different ways in Kenya. If you just own rental property and collect rent payments then at the end of the tax year you add up the rental income, deduct the costs of maintaining the building(s) and that is your rental income even if you have 100 houses.

Under our tax laws if you own those houses personally you have to add the net income or loss to your overall income in the Tax Return. That will determine your tax rate and payments. It is fair for everybody.

Secondly you can own houses and buildings in partnership companies. Those are taxed separately. But Kenyan politicians are known to have fake business partnerships for tax avoidance and other criminal interests. We don’t know how many of those our politicians, including Ruto the president have.

Third category of rental income taxation for our politicians who own billions in real estate income is when those companies are registered as Limited Corporations that will pay corporate taxes.

By the way William Ruto has never held a real job all his life. From college he became a Moi boy and he often boasts that Moi gave him land and houses in Eldoret after he left college. Since then the man never went work.

Ruto made billions working with the first gangster terrorist organization in Kenya which was called Youth Kenya( YK) 92 to keep Moi in power.

Kenyans already know one or two things about William Ruto. No gimmicks will change that which is very good for the country. The nation will move on without William Ruto and he knows that. Good for him.

Mzee Moi was ‘vicious’, interesting fellow – DP Ruto
Ruto said during his campaign in 1997, he met Moi who used to give them handouts.

Retired President Daniel Moi was a ‘vicious and an interesting fellow’.

These were the words of William Ruto on November 11, 2008, during an entertainment show in one of the local channels.

This was a stark contrast to the words he spoke outside the Harambee House annexe on Tuesday the day the former President passed away.

Mzee Moi died at the age of 95 after a lengthy stay at Nairobi Hospital.

In his address to the nation, Ruto said Moi in his regime secured stability and unity at all times for the country.

“As a teacher evangelist who tossed himself into politics, Mzee Moi excelled. His genuine concerns, loyalty and sincerity allowed him to attain power and attract massive support,” Ruto said.

“Just as Moi did, we must as a country strive to excel. He taught and mentored many, his determination showed that nothing is impossible and that Kenya can be a better place.”

In 2008, Ruto who was Eldoret North MP said during his campaign in 1997, he met Moi who ‘used to give them handouts’.

He narrated how Moi tried to block his Parliamentary debut in the 1997 general elections.

“Nyayo is an interesting fellow… the first time we met him, we used to be officials at a district organisation at the university.. he used to give us handouts here and there .. ” Ruto said.

“When I ran for MP position in 1997, he came to Eldoret and he was vicious.. He stood there and said that Eldoret North constituents need to elect people whose character and background was known.”

Ruto said Moi gave examples of his competitors during that period.

“Choose between [Reuben] Chesire and [William arap] Saina. I understand that there is some character running around here and there. I was 30 years then but I won,” he added.

In 1992, Ruto was Organising Secretary of Youth For KANU 92, a group that was formed to drum up support for  Moi in the 1992 election.

Ruto won the Eldoret North Parliamentary seat in the 1997 election after beating Moi’s Reuben Chesire.

“When I won, we became friends,” Ruto added.

This time it is not working up. Ask this Kenyan.

And here is Ruto’s tax plan in a nutshell. Easy and good. Maybe not.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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