Ruto loses in the 2021 Parties Act

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Ruto is beginning to realize that even with all his bitterness and angry makelele he cannot take on Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga at the same time and win anything. It is just impossible. Simple as that.

After raging all over the place about Uhuru and Raila joining hands to approve the new Parties Act, Ruto lost in parliament when the bill was passed 138 v 68 M.Ps. That is a two-to-one vote and that pretty much is what it will be in the General Elections in August 2022.

For a long time, the Ruto noisemakers have been telling us that they have the numbers everywhere whether it is parliament, the senate, or the streets. Well, those numbers vanished in parliament today and they are going to vanish everywhere and more so in the streets.

In my opinion, Ruto is the one who is going to be desperate for a handshake with Raila once he loses the elections and gets scared that some of that stolen property could be taken back and he could be knocking on my famous doors at Kamiti.

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I know how bad Kamiti is because it has been my home more than once. My advice to Ruto is to go slow and take it easy and once you lose the big one talk to those two amigos and tell them you are ready to be a good boy.

I saw some idea by Kabando wa Kabando which I think is worth looking at. Kabando suggested that after the next General Elections when we launch full combat on corruption and theft of public resources we should find a way of building a compromise with the thieves who are ready and willing to make a deal.

The deal could be something like okay you have stolen Kshs 10 billion worth of stuff we take 90% of that back and spare you jail time if you don’t force us to go to court for years.

Or if we go to court and win we take the whole thing back and give you free accommodation in Kamiti for a very long time.

That is a choice the thief will have to make but the options will be very clear.

Here is the problem with such a deal.

Kenyans will say we are going to encourage theft by politicians if they know they keep a portion of what they steal because that will mean the more you steal the more you keep.

To solve that problem we can set up timelines stating quite clearly that the deal only applies to pending cases as of the time the bill is passed and anything after that will not be considered within the deal.

In the meantime, Ruto is going nuts about Raila being a state project.

Frankly, nobody cares. The good thing for Raila on this Ruto-only remaining tirade about being sponsored by the state talk is that Kenyans actually know Raila very well.

The man has been in the headlines of Kenyan politics since 1982 and even earlier for people like me who knew him before that.

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Kenyans will not buy Ruto’s nonsense about Raila. They know both Raila and Ruto very well and Kenyans will decide who among the two can steer the country to greater development as we move the country t0 the next level which we are going to do.

The Uhuru/Raila alliance is beginning to take shape and it looks pretty good. These guys are going to smash Ruto to smithereens.

Ruto’s only hope was that Uhuru stays away from the elections and becomes indifferent. But Ruto’s bully tactics have forced Uhuru to take a stance and go for it.

Now Ruto says Raila will be a puppet president for the Kikuyus. I don’t think that is the best way to win the Kikuyu votes from the Kikuyus.

A Uhuru and Raila alliance for the presidency in 2022 with an agenda to wipe out corruption and develop the country will win bigly for Kenyans.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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