Ruto Hounding honest IEBC Commissioners is just Plain Stupid

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If William Ruto had any semblance of common sense he would do everything in his power to make Kenyans forget the last elections, particularly the fiasco at Bomas during the counting of presidential votes when his little puppet Wafula Chebukati illegally took over to declare him the winner of the presidential elections.

Ruto was very lucky that the Martha Koome Supreme Court ignored the rules and the constitution and joined Ruto and Chebukati in making IEBC irrelevant in presidential election results. Count your luck dude, Martha Koome is not going to be there to save you all the time.

“With all the problems Kenyans are going through, a focus on punishing four commissioners who did not agree with their chairman is trivial, vindictive, and vile. It must stop. It will not end well,” Raila said.

“The injustice being inflicted on the four IEBC commissioners, if it proceeds as currently conceived, will mark the beginning of a massive pushback against Ruto and those who think like him… We will openly and robustly lead that pushback,” Raila said.

Raila spoke as hearings on four petitions seeking the removal of the four commissioners who sharply and openly differed with chairman Wafula Chebukati on election results tallying and announcement started on Thursday.

The petitioners want vice chair Juliana Cherera and commissioners Irene Masit, Justus Nyang’aya, and Francis Wandari removed from office over alleged gross misconduct and violation of the Constitution.

They walked out of the national tallying center at the Bomas of Kenya on September 15 shortly before Chebukati declared Ruto the President-elect.

Cherera led her colleagues in stating that they could not own the results owing to the opaque nature of the final phase of the results verification.

The Legal and Justice Committee of the National Assembly is hearing the petitions filed against them by Geoffrey Langat, Steve Gerry, Dennis Nthumbi, and the Republican Liberty Party.

Members of the committee affiliated with the Azimio camp, however, walked out of the hearings in protest saying the committee has no jurisdiction to prosecute the petitions.

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, the House Minority leader, led the walkout followed by MPs TJ Kajwang, Stephen Mogaka, and Aden Daudi.

In a press statement shortly thereafter, Raila warned that if the removal process of the four commissioners continues unabated, it will end in ‘premium tears’ for some individuals.

He said the conduct of the commissioners was part of the presidential petition and none of them was found guilty of an offense apart from Chebukati who was indicted for acting unilaterally.

The good news is that all the 4 IEBC commissioners being targeted by the Ruto government have refused to be bullied and will not come to the bogus hearing by the Ruto squad. Vice-chair Juliana Cherera and commissioners Francis Wanderi, Irene Masit, and Justus Nyang’aya have declared they will not appear before that Ruto witch-hunt committee.

Kenyans are starving to death in many parts of the country, farming in our country is in total chaos with farmers claiming they have maize to sell and the government decides to import maize, schools are in turmoil, and MPs in parliament are stuck because their pocket money known as the CDF was stuck out by the Supreme Court.

All these urgent issues have to be addressed and sorted out by the government of William Ruto which promised to find solutions to the same in 100 days after the elections.

We are 7 days to the first 100 days since the election and this government is preoccupied with nonsense like removing IEBC commissioners out of misguided revenge. Why not just concentrate on importing GMO maize and dismantling public education in Kenya? Why is that not enough chaos for you and you make a ton of money on the maize imports? You are doing great for your pockets. Go slow, please.

Just remember one thing Juliana Cherera the current vice chair of the IEBC will be the next Chairperson of the IEBC unless she is dead. All these other crybaby witch-hunt committees will not stop that. That is really the issue here.

Ruto is trying to find out how to make sure that Juliana Cherera is kicked out of the IEBC and never gets a chance to chair it because she showed her independence and fair-mindedness, opposing his coronation by Chebukati.

That is a sin in the Ruto world. And Kenya now is supposed to be William Ruto’s property. Bwana Asifiwe and Cherera and the four commissioners have to be kicked out to ensure the path ahead is clear.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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