Ruto Heckling Raila Will Not Stop the Mass Action

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“I was taken to the Hague because of honorable Raila Odinga. Truth or not? Or do you think it’s Orengo who went to the Hague? Did Agwambo go to Hague or any other person? I went to Hague on his behalf. We must tell you the truth. I want to go and ask Agwambo what he wants from me. I was there to support him until he became the Prime Minister,” said President William Ruto.

No, Ruto you went to the Hague because of your own actions including this horror from the Kiambaa church. Did Raila ask you to do that for him? If he did then both of you should be in jail. Let the country know if that is the case. The issue of the Hague in 2008 is not a political joke for Kenyans.

Right now Ruto and his little boys are shouting all over the place trying to threaten Raila and his Azimio team together with the millions of supporters they have. Then come Monday, Kenya is a warzone again. Ruto and UDA can’t handle the situation and their small undercover operations for Gachagua and some MPs were exposed already by Azimio. Now they are saying oh, we are Mau Mau and all that.

Where was the new Mau Mau when Ruto smoked that church and killed innocent women and children hiding there and praying for their lives? And where are the surviving victims now? Still in IDP camps? Ruto will never allow them back. Right?

And then the other Ruto idiot, Moses Kuria is calling for the assassination of Raila as the only solution to keep Ruto in government.

“We had very transparent elections, we went all the way to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court pronounced itself, you know, every time coming to prosecute an election, then it means that we’re going to deal with him the way Kagame (Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda) deals with his opponents. The way Museveni (Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda) deals with his opponent. There’s no other way.”

As of now the super intelligent chaps at Ruto’s DCI want to go and arrest those folks in Burundi who are mad with Ruto. What a great strategy.

At this rate, Monday can’t come soon enough. Kenyans will come out and speak on their needs for their country. That is a right nobody can take away from them. Ever.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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