Right Trajectory: KPL, Azam Sign a Seven-Year Broadcasting Deal

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The landscape of soccer in Kenya has undergone a remarkable transformation. A sport that was once marred by setbacks and international bans has now emerged from the shadows, shining with newfound vigor and promise.

When President Ruto assumed leadership, Kenya was reeling under the weight of a FIFA ban that cast a dark cloud over the nation’s soccer aspirations. Swiftly and decisively, he directed his sports minister, Hon Ababu Namwamba, to orchestrate the removal of this ban and resurrect Kenyan football.

The journey from that point has been nothing short of remarkable. President Ruto’s pledge to rejuvenate sports in the country found tangible expression through his administration’s resolute efforts.

Today’s historical broadcasting deal between Football Kenya Federation and Tanzania’s Azam Media Limited stands as a testament to this commitment and vision. Just a year ago, the notion of Kenyan Premier League matches being aired across the region was a distant dream. Today, it’s a reality that holds immense promise.

The partnership with Azam Media, spanning seven years, is a groundbreaking agreement that infuses new life into Kenyan soccer. With an initial investment of USD 1 million, escalating annually by 10 percent, Azam’s involvement speaks volumes about the rising confidence in Kenya’s football scene.

The deal ensures that four matches from every round of the Kenyan Premier League will be broadcasted on both Pay TV and Digital platforms. This development not only broadens the audience base but also brings invaluable exposure to Kenyan players, allowing them to showcase their talent on a wider stage.

The significance of this partnership cannot be divorced from President Ruto’s overarching promise to streamline sports in the country.

The Head of State made a commitment to usher in a new era of athletic excellence, and the broadcasting agreement with Azam Media is a tangible reflection of this commitment bearing fruit. The strides taken in the soccer arena are mirrored across other sports as well, with athletics also witnessing positive transformations.

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