Raila Odinga as a Kenyan Politician will Stay Forever Even when he is AU Chairman

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Raila Odinga has personally declared that he is ready to take over the AU chairmanship if he is required to and accepted by AU member states.

This has sent some KK noise makers into a frenzy of meaningless delight thinking finally that big cog around William Ruto’s neck is being removed. Some of those know nothing Ruto Fuata Nyayos are calling for generational leadership change in the Luo communities. My advice to them is that Luos will never listen to their nonsense and do not need their help in deciding who their leaders should be.

The big deal here for Ruto is that Raila getting out of the scene is politically very beneficial to him. First of all Raila being AU chairman in 2027 will not stop him from running for the presidency if he chooses to and that will be up to Azimio members to determine. If Raila does a good job as AU chairman between 2025 and 2027, that may just enhance his reputation as a person who could be a good president for Kenya.

The reason Ruto and his KK clueless politicians fear Raila Odinga is not because he is a Luo but because of his national and even international weight and reputation. This AU job will just improve that reputation which is very good for him in Kenya politics.

The other key issue for Ruto and KK was that they know they are going to face a nightmare should Kenyans decide to go back to mass protests as things continue to crumble in the country. The Ruto mob thinks that without Raila such mass protests cannot happen. First of all the AU chairmanship is only available in March 2025.

So for the next crucial year for Ruto and KK, Raila Odinga will be right in their faces with Kenyans across the country demanding better living conditions. It is not Ruto who is giving Raila the AU chairmanship job so Raila’s fights against a corrupt and confused Ruto regime goes on untouched.

The usual Kenya lame duck politicians and media are already peddling the lie that Raila needs Ruto to get the AU job. Raila probably doesn’t need the AU job but he is not so foolish as to brash off African leaders and heads of states if they ask him to take the job. So forget the Ruto element in what is going on.

The fact that the AU could only be available one full year from now means Raila Odinga is fully in Kenyan politics for the next one year which may be the most crucial time for the Ruto regime. Raila is not going to sit down and dump Kenyans to the ruins of the KK government. If Kenyans need Raila to go to the streets with them to fight for their lives he will be there in full gear and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

The Ruto big backers in KK like Moses Mudavadi are already talking about how Ruto will help Raila get the AU job not because they have any appreciation of what Raila Amolo Odinga has done for our country including throwing dictator Moi out of power and giving the country the beloved 2010 constitution and devolution but because with Raila hopefully out of the political big pictures someone will at least notice them as possible presidential candidates.

All of a sudden Raila is the epitome of leadership in Africa for KK operatives who have been insulting him everyday to make themselves relevant in Kenya politics.

“He measures up to Africa’s greatest as one of Africa’s greatest sons. Raila was at the forefront of the greatest leaders who championed the entrenchment of the tenets of democracy and the rule of law in Kenya and Africa,” Malala said.

It is amazing how Raila Odinga makes so many Kenya politicians who want to be big in the political picture feel like dwarfs. Sadly for them that is not going to change even if Raila becomes the AU Chairman in March 2025.

In any event Raila Odinga has been in leadership position as the AU Chairman for Infrastructure Development and that had zero impact on his political role and actions in Kenya. It will be the same now so those who are getting super excited about this as the end of Raila politics are just betraying their own ignorance and wishful thinking.

If Raila wants to retire from Kenya politics that will be purely up to him at a time of his choosing but right now with a belligerent failing government of William Ruto and Kenyans screaming for help from every corner of the country you can count on Raila Odinga to be fully involved in Kenya politics for a long time to come.

And the way William Ruto keeps doing one stupid thing after the other Kenya is going to need a very strong opposition to nail him down and fight to take him out of office in 2027.

Today Ruto made a shock announcement that he has been using money budgeted for counties to pay the Eurobond and that is why there is no money for county governments. First of all that is illegal. The county budget is provided for in the 2010 constitution of the republic of Kenya. The president and the national government can’t just grab that money and do whatever they want with it.

If that were the case there would no counties and Kenya can go back to having Districts and Divisions and the provinces where the government gives you whatever they feel like. This matter is headed to the courts in a hurry just like everything clueless Ruto does. Counties are autonomous governments under the constitution and the budget to be allocated to them is stipulated in that constitution.

Gov’t Used Funds Meant For Counties To Pay Eurobond – President Ruto.

President William Ruto on Thursday owned up to starving the much-needed funds to the counties.

The President blamed the delay in disbursement of funds to the devolved units on Eurobond debt payment pressure.

President Ruto pledged to release the funds in a week’s time, after which he made a case for his pet project, affordable housing, saying it was one of his four-pronged approaches to reducing unemployment in the country.

How the heck did Uhuru manage to keep paying the same debt without grabbing money meant for counties? Why is Ruto fighting to kill the counties who are running broke as he grabs money meant for counties. We know Ruto opposed the 2010 constitution but he cannot illegally trash them by grabbing money meant for the counties and making excuses. Did Ruto not just borrow Sh. 238 billion to pay the same Eurobonds in one shot? How many times does Ruto pay the same Eurobond? The whole story here is that Ruto is telling Kenyans that his government is running the country to the ground as the nation gets dead broke.

And then the super hyper Ruto increases sub-counties by 16 new ones to look like he is helping the political sycophants who keep dragging their tails behind him. The county themselves have no money so what is the point of adding new sub-counties. If Kenyans are starving does it matter to them the name of the sub-county they are starving in.

Ruto tries some silly tricks of giving a tiny number of sub-counties to some Luo M.Ps who have been crawling to get his attention with absolutely nothing to show for it. Now they have some new sub-counties so their constituents can starve and die there instead of facing the exact same problems in a sub-county with a different name. Someone need to teach William Ruto how to manage real politics while in government because his jingo bell politics is running completely out of anything to talk to Kenyans about.

Sadly for Ruto he does not have the extreme powers that his little god and mentor former president Daniel Toroitich arap Moi had to stuff anything down the throats of Kenyans and kill anybody who says no. The country has moved from there and it seems it will take Ruto a long time to figure that out and the only thing Ruto doesn’t have is time. Kenyans are just getting sicker of his government and he knows that. More of that is coming in a hurry in 2024 as the economic turmoil bites every Kenyan life.

And Yes, Raila Odinga being the AU Chairman will be a great honour to him and to our country and for the love of God everybody knows he can be a great leader for our continent at a very critical time in world politics and the economic growth for the more than 1 billion great African population of very had working people who want to live and thrive. Egypt now is at the centre of a global disaster in Gaza and it would be nice to have an AU leader who can lend some support to Egypt.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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