Purity Ngirici dumps UDA, says it is okay to vote Raila

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Kirinyaga Woman Rep Purity Ngirici has dumped Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) over claims there are plans to rig her out from the party’s gubernatorial nominations in favor of Governor Anne Waiguru.

Speaking over the weekend in Kirinyaga, the woman rep who may run on an Independent ticket told residents they can vote for ODM leader Raila Odinga if they feel he is capable of taking over from President Uhuru Kenyatta, just like there are those who feel DP Ruto should be president next year.

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”In August 2022, in the Kirinyaga County gubernatorial race, Purity Wangui Ngirici will be on the ballot and my supporters should not worry about that. It should also serve as breaking news for those who wanted to rig me out in the nominations. Wangui Ngirici will be on the ballot paper in the gubernatorial race and I want to tell you the truth, I have no problem with anyone you want to choose from the MCA to the Presidency but the governor’s vote comes to me,” Ngirici said.

After the defection of Governor Anne Waiguru to UDA, the woman rep who has done a donkey’s work selling DP Ruto in Kirinyaga was kicked in the curb, with the new bride (Waiguru) taking over the UDA arena in Kirinyaga, covertly backed by Ruto. Ngirici says her change of heart is informed by the fact that the constitution gives Kenyans the power to choose any leader they want.

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”Those who want to vote for Ruto, I have no problem they should vote for him, those who prefer Raila, I have no problem go and vote for him, and those who want Mudavad should do the same. Anyone who will vie I have no problem with them because it’s the people who choose the leaders that they want and I don’t want to feud with anyone because the Constitution allocates the funds that each position should have in its kitty,” she added.

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