Pimp our country for a ride?

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Sometimes you have to ask yourself who the hell William Ruto wants to pimp. Is it the country or his supporters?

The Pimp talk which Ruto has adopted for his six-wheeler truck is a gangster language used by drug dealers and thugs who use the word to talk about trafficking women for sex among fellow thugs. You wouldn’t want to hear that world in front of your children.

It is terrible gangster talk. Pimps actually sell women for sex and even kill them.

I know Ruto has now officially embraced anger as his campaign plan but for the love of God, does he have to include the pimping business in his campaign strategy?

“Indeed Every Hustle Matters. Pimp My Ride: Creativity at its best. Thank you for your contribution to the Hustler Nation Campaign,” Ruto said.

It is sad to see Pimp talkers and their cars in front of our national emblem as a country. The house behind is supposed to be the official residence of Kenya’s DP. It is not supposed to be a pimping centre. And these people want to run the country as pimps.

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Ruto can use whatever car he wants but don’t use that gangster language. We have a country with millions of young people, don’t feed them with that kind of talk. You make it normal and who do you think the gangsters are going to pimp? Our daughters that is who.

One good thing for Ruto’s political opponents is that once he makes a bad mistake he likes to double down on it thinking that makes him look tough. He became Mr. Angry and when Kenyans told him they are not looking for some angry maniac as their President he jumped on that as a winning plan.

To lead people you have to be rational and think through things. You cannot scream your way into power. This is not a bullfight.

Now he is going to pimp that truck even more to show his power. Kenyans want to make a decent living as ordinary folks in their country. You cannot pimp your way into their hearts and minds by showing them how rich you are. But that is William Ruto for you. Good for him.

Now Ruto’s talking mouths are busy trying to explain his anger claiming that even Martha Karua has been angry in the past with Moi and even Kibaki.

What these people don’t understand is that Martha Karua is not selling anger as a political agenda.

In fact, the one thing Karua has brought to Azimio is her incredible patience in explaining what their government will do for Kenyans. She goes about it every day and tries to convince people to listen and decide what is best for them. That is what mature politics looks like.

This is why the DP debate next Tuesday will be a big deal between Martha Karua and Rigathi Gachagua.

I will not be surprised if the Rigathi fella stays away and hide somewhere. Right now UDA can’t seem to find anything for him to do. They can’t even find a place to hide him at the moment.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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