Pathetic Gachagua is Now the CS of Raila Odinga Affairs in Ruto Government. A Very Big Job

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Who are you? – Gachagua goes after Raila over demands to Ruto

Gachagua is pretty obsessed with Raila Odinga. You almost feel sorry for the poor DP who seems to have no real work to do apart from whining about Raila.

Instead of asking Raila who he is, Gachagua should turn to his head and ask that little thing on top of his neck why it has allowed Raila to completely occupy it. How much rent is Raila paying to sit inside Gachagua’s head permanently? Free rent?

These should be Gachagua’s questions to his own head:

“Why are you fully occupied by Raila Amolo Odinga?”. “Why am I not allowed to think about anything else? Ruto gave me the job to find the coffee cartels, do you know where those cartels are?” “Can you please, my head, if there is any brain there, allow me to think of what to do for Kenyans instead of being drowned by fighting Raila Odinga?”

His head may ask him to talk to Dorcas, his wife, about all that because the head doesn’t have enough time to help him.

Poor thing what are we going to do for Rigathi Gachagua? Dorcas who is a pastor can take Gachagua to Mt. Kenya forest and pray for him like she does for the so-called boy child. Gachagua is a man-child and he really needs prayers badly as long as Mackenzie is not involved.

But for Gachagua these are his issues with Raila and sadly for Ruto, Gachagua’s complaints make Raila sound pretty sensible on the Finance Bill battle now before Kenyans.

“You have issued demands as who? Who elected you? Who are you in this country? Wait till 2027 then come persuade these people to give you an opportunity,” Gachagua said. 

This comes after Raila on Thursday read out a list of 10 demands to President William Ruto over the Finance Bill. 

The ODM party leader said the Finance Bill will burden Kenyans, urging Ruto to focus on bringing down the cost of living.

Raila said that every budget must start at ground zero where everything has to be justified.

“Instead of imposing new taxes, seal the loopholes that lead to loss of revenue,” he said.

Raila added that the President should stop non-essential government expenditures including the appointment of Chief Administrative Secretaries.

He wants Ruto to reduce the size of the government and cut non-essential Domestic and international travel.

The Opposition boss said Ruto should freeze ministerial out-of-station allowances, ministerial house allowances, and domestic allowances for cabinet and principal secretaries.

He said the President should stop corruption and theft of public funds.

“We ask Ruto to humble himself, withdraw this Bill, offer an apology and seek forgiveness from Kenyans for the anxiety caused, then begin afresh.”

After he finished rambling about Raila Gachagua remembered his real job from Ruto was to run around some coffee cartels that nobody in the Ruto regime knows anything about so the DP went to work with his mouth on the cartels.

“I want to tell the coffee cartels that their time is up. They must give way and align with us or we get you out. It is not business as usual. This is the administration that will sort out the issues of cartels in coffee, tea, and milk and restore the dignity of the farmer,” the DP said.

Gachagua has been threatening the coffee “cartels” since he took office and up to now he cannot tell Kenyans a single coffee “cartel” he has dismantled most likely because these so-called coffee cartels are in the wild imaginations of Ruto and his clueless government.

Every problem they face to run the country they blame on cartels. Oh, there are those fuel and energy cartels making the price of fuel high and Ruto promises to deal with them right away. And then what happens after that? Fuel prices go up. Were the cartels keeping fuel prices down?

Here is the real nightmare for Ruto and his confused regime. On July 1, 2023, after they bulldoze their budget through the toothless and quite frankly irrelevant parliament, the prices of fuel and everything else skyrockets and William Ruto will come face to face with the moment of reckoning against tens of millions of Kenyans.

If Ruto and Gachagua are annoyed about the Azimio rallies led by Raila Odinga, they will be shocked and terrified when millions of Kenyans come to the streets after Ruto’s budget is passed and it takes full effect on the purchasing capacity of Kenyans. Those will not be rallies. It is going to be a complete uprising. That is the real issue Ruto has to deal with in three weeks’ time.

In the meantime, the Ruto government is getting worse than a laughing stock. That is bad, isn’t it? Look at the complete circus in the sports ministry led by Ruto’s supposed signing boys or maybe another boy child in his government. Oh my! How many of these can anyone have in their government.

Ababu’s fiasco in the sports docket. Ababu Namwamba was appointed to be the CS for Sports and Creatine Arts and he has been doing the one thing Ruto CS appointees and officials love to do. Be in the media every day and make sure the media takes a million pictures of you every day and show how busy you are.

Ababu came up with something called Talenta Committee and appointed some people to run it as a Ruto government project. Some Kenyans activists show this as a scam to appoint fake people with no skills just to showboat and make money for themselves.

The matter went to court and now the “Talented” Ababu had to fire his appointees to avoid looking more stupid than he thinks he is. How is that for running a government?

The Sports Technical Committee, under the Council, was under the leadership of sports journalist Carol Radull as the chairperson., while the Creative technical committee was chaired by comedian and radio presenter Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill.

Its members were radio host Jimmi Gathu, actress Catherine Kamau, Esther Akoth alias Akothee, social media influencer Azziad Nasenya, musician Wahu Kagwi popularly known as Wahu, Douglas Kipkirui Langat, and others.

That whole committee thing by Ababu is now under the water and gone. Ababu will find more Tik Tok political stuff to do for Ruto because he knows his boss needs that kind of work going to help him look busy too.

To make things worse for Ruto in the big picture, the only public fund in Kenya, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has run broke and cannot pay any bills to the hospitals and health providers in the whole country.

According to the Health CS, the funds would be disbursed to NHIF by the third week of June 2023.

“Because of the financial constraints, NHIF is yet to get its funds. I want to assure Kenyans that we sat down with the President this week and informed him about the necessity of the health sector in the country. I told him that he should prioritize the matter and look for funds to pay NHIF. He agreed,” she stated.

CS Nakhumicha pointed out that the government was keen on providing a permanent solution to curb hospitals denying NHIF patients services over the cash crunch.

According to her, the permanent solution would be the adoption of the Finance Bill 2023.

“Let’s speak the truth. Things were not going well at NHIF. Now, we need to fix it. You have heard that hospitals are yet to be paid hence affecting Kenyans using the service.”

“Furthermore, patients with an NHIF card are not getting services. Why is this? The country is broke and that is a fact. That’s why Ruto has brought proposals in the Finance Bill that will enable funds to be collected for us to run the government,” she added.

Hospitals had declared that NHIF patients would not be served until they received a significant amount from the fund.

The real nightmare for Ruto here is that every part of his government is collapsing as Kenyans watch in fear and trepidation about what is next. Every part of the Ruto regime is telling Kenyans they need to collect more tax money or the Ruto government is kaput.

How the heck did Uhuru manage to run the Kenyan government and pay NHIF without this farce and grinding thirst for money from the Kenyan taxpayers?

Ruto was part of that government, did he learn anything about how to run a government without coughing and spitting on Kenyans every minute? If Ruto didn’t learn anything he is about to learn something very good for him. Kenyans will spit on any leader who spits on them. That is coming.

Forcing everything on Kenyan throats may not work for long. Kenyans will decide that.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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