Orengo: Only a castrated bull goes wherever it is directed

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Siaya Senator James Orengo has hit out at those criticising him over his stand on the provision of 70 additional constituencies in the BBI.

The Minority Leader in the Senate on Wednesday said legislators cannot be conveyor belts to pass the document without interrogating its content, asking those currently on his neck where they were during the mock swearing-in of January 20th, 2018 at Uhuru Park.

”When Raila was at Uhuru Park for his (mock) swearing-in, where were those (who are) now talking? We cannot be conveyor belts. It is only a castrated bull that goes wherever it is directed. What we are doing is to streamline the BBI document to ensure inequalities are addressed,”  the Siaya senator was quoted on a local daily.

Even though Orengo is seen as having gone against the ODM’s position on the BBI, the party leader Raila Odinga on Wednesday evening said the Siaya Senator is not targeted for removal, from his position in the senate. Through his spokesperson, Mr. Odinga dismissed the rumours, saying there were no such plans.

“We wish to clarify that Mr Odinga and ODM have no plans to replace Mr Orengo as the Leader of Minority in the Senate,” a statement issued by Dennis Onyango read in part.

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