Opinion: Why I’m Not Distraught On Ruto’s Foreign Trips

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Earlier this week, I saw a section of Kenyans online question President William Ruto’s numerous foreign visits and whether they will generate any social and economic benefits for Kenya in the long run, or they are just joy riding excursions by the Head of State and his delegation .

From independence to date, Kenya has been a respected country in the global community and just like his predecessors, the Head of State knows these trips are vital in strengthening our country’s diplomatic relations, promoting trade, attracting foreign investment, facilitating knowledge exchange, and boosting our nation’s tourism.

For any president, international working junkets are avenues for meeting foreign leaders, business communities, and investors and it is my opinion that the president has showcased Kenya’s potential in each of the country he set foot in, and the most likely outcomes from these meetings are inking of deals or agreements leading to opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and technology transfer.

A visit by any Kenyan Head of State (from Jomo Kenyatta to William Ruto) abroad always contributes to a positive image of Kenya internationally, fosters goodwill and cooperation with other nations. These efforts have laid the foundation for a prosperous Kenyan future over the years, leveraging global connections for the benefit of the country and its people.

For President Ruto, his foreign visits have shown great promise for Kenya’s socio-economic development. By promoting bilateral trade, they create avenues for expanding market opportunities outside Kenya, attracting foreign investment in the country, and increasing our exports to new markets.

It is also my assessment the president is intentionally showcasing Kenya’s rich cultural heritage during these visits, like he did in Paris when delivering a five-minute speech on climate change and financing to youth at the Champs de Mars, earning him a thumping applaud.

Overall, these visits play a crucial role in establishing Kenya as an attractive investment destination, fostering economic growth, and positioning the country as an active player in the global arena.

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