Mt Kenya MPs Lobbying for One Man-One Shilling Revenue Allocation Formula

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A section of Mt Kenya MPs from Kiambu, Nyeri, Muranga, and Nyandarua counties are lobbying in Parliament, seeking support from their counterparts in the region to introduce amendments in the Constitution to introduce the One Man, One Shilling revenue allocation formula.

The leaders are also pushing for guaranteed minimum prices of tea, coffee, milk, green grams, and rice among other products produced in the populous region.

According to Ndaragwa MP George Gachagua, current funds from the government to the region were not enough to cater to the increasing number of needy students, owing to the harsh economic times most families were facing due to drought, erratic rains, and the high cost of living.

The MP notes there is an urgent need to address the situation by having a new formula for the equitable allocation of revenues based on population.

Gachagaua says the Mt Kenya region produces over 30 percent of the national revenue but always gets a low deal in the distribution of resources.

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