Ministry of Tourism Launches Massive Tree Planting Campaign, Unveils Tourism Promotion Strategy

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The Ministry of Tourism has officially commenced a tree-planting initiative to plant 50 million trees before the upcoming rainy season in April.

Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtuaa personally led the planting of close to 30,000 trees in schools across Narok County, emphasizing the critical role of trees in environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. He stated, “Learning institutions are crucial in implementing the presidential directive to increase forest cover by planting 15 billion trees by 2032.”

Simultaneously, the Ministry, in collaboration with the Kenya Tourism Board, has launched a campaign to uncover hidden tourism treasures in various regions for promotion. Principal Secretary Ololtuaa declared, “We aim to showcase diverse tourism products and experiences to make the country a year-round destination.”

Excitingly, recent statistics reveal a significant growth in the tourism sector, with a 34% increase in visitor numbers last year, totaling 1.95 million visitors. The domestic bed nights also saw a rise to 4.6 million. Ololtuaa attributed this success to factors such as product diversity and the implementation of a no visa regime, expressing optimism for further sector expansion.

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