Mbagathi Hospital in spotlight for ‘stealing’ woman’s kidney

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Ivine Kinagu

After having severe stomach pains two years ago, Irvine Ivine Kinagu, 22, visited Mbagathi Hospital to get medical assistance. Not knowing one of her kidneys would be harvested by the facility, without her consent.

”When I went to Mbagathi, I was diagnosed with stomach problems and was told I will need surgery. An operation was done after tests, but nobody mentioned kidney removal or that I had a missing kidney,” Ms. Kinagu says.

Having done only one surgery in her life, the 22-year-old was devastated to be informed after her first surgery, one of her kidneys was missing. Post-surgery complications had sent her back to the same facility where she got the rude shock.

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 “I started getting fatigued and persistent stomach pains a few months after the operation. When I went back to Mbagathi Hospital, I did another scan and that is when I was told I was missing one kidney,” she says.

Confused and devastated, and hanging on a little hope, Ms. Kinagu went and did another test at the Mama Lucy Hospital, where she got similar results.

Records from Mbagathi Hospital show Ivine was attended by a consultant doctor called Tinega on July 12, 2019, who diagnosed her with abdominal pains. She was later taken for an operation, despite both of her kidneys being normal.

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