Loser MPs Hunting for Who to Visit for a Little Money. Pathetic And Irrelevant.

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The so-called ODM rebel MPs had a big visit to State House to shake hands with William Ruto and be on their best behavior. They tried everything they could to look like they were Ruto’s best dancers in pants and suits. Shake hands and kiss the man. I mean what else can you do?

They said Ruto gave them development for their constituents. Where is the development Ruto gave them? It is in their pockets and it has nothing to do with their constituents. After that dance nothing is happening.

Next plan is on. Now they are meeting the DP Rigathi Gachagua in his office to do a real dance for the noisy tribal warlord and maybe this time they get some money for development. Nope. Gachagua does not do development and in fact, has no clue what that is. So what did the rebel MPs get? More pictures of their loyalty to the new king in town.

Reports are that the rebel MPs have planned Prayer meetings with First Lady Rachel Ruto followed very quickly by a meeting with Dorcas Gachagua, the Second Lady. Now that is a storm in the making. I mean these guys have to get something going.

The question is when do they actually intend to meet their constituents to give them the big “development” items they got from all these meetings? That will never happen because their constituents are the least of their concerns. These MPs are developing their pockets into big size leagues and their constituents are completely irrelevant in that effort.

It is kind of sad to see eight grown up men staring intensely at another old man sitting in a chair in front of them and that is supposed to be called development. In which other country does this form of madness happen?

One of the best MPs ever in Kenya is this guy and he did amazing things. He never went to State House even for a day. Kenya will probably never have an MP like him again.

This is what Imran Okoth did as the MP for Kibera with the same amount of money all the MPs get on CDF and do nothing at all. These are the Kibera schools under the leadership of their MP, Imran Okoth.

Now we have MPs like some guy called Jalang’o in Langata running from Ruto House to Gachagua House. Does he even know where the Langata constituency is and what the people there need? Can any of these Ruto tap dancers tell Kenyans and their constituents what they have achieved for the people they claim to represent if any?

Yes, Yes, Yes keep dancing boys because you may stumble onto something. But you are irrelevant to the country now and probably forever. That is great. Isn’t it?

That is Kenya my friends and it is a very complicated country. Nobody can ever roll over Kenyans and many have tried and failed. Keep coming at us and we will meet where we would rather not meet but we will be there as a country. No problem. We do that all the time for the nation.

And now I hear they want to tax “idle” land to raise revenue. I will not waste time on the revenue part because the Ruto government is freeing all mega thieves of Kenya’s Tax revenue. All cases of mega thefts related to Kenya Revenue Authority are being withdrawn by orders from above executed by the DPP. Every mega thief in Kenya is not only free today but they also get to occupy positions of power in the country. How grand?

On “idle land” I will tell you this. I own 8.5 acres of land in Bondo Municipality which is from our ancestors. We are building homes there. You have to get all the licenses to build there on your own land. The Bondo Municipality gives our family the licenses to build. This is the most booming economy in the world in terms of the construction of buildings and everything.

But is any part of our land “Idle” when we are using another part of it?

No. Let the Kenya government give Kenyans the resources and ability to use every piece of land they have. Plant something on it. Fruits. Vegetables. Tomatoes. Chillis. Maize. Beans. Sikumawiki. Mangoes. How about the bananas they don’t need much rain.

Our possibilities are endless in agriculture and food.

What else is the problem?

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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