State House Asks Rebel Jubilee MPs to Reconcile Uhuru with Ruto

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President William Ruto is keen on mending his broken relationship with Uhuru Kenyatta, the Jubilee Party leader.

On Thursday at State House, President William Ruto for a second time this month met Jubilee MPs who have pledged to work with Kenya Kwanza.

The meeting was to update the president on the ongoing takeover of the Jubilee Party from Uhuru allies.

President Ruto vowed to stand with the MPs in their quest to overthrow Uhuru, despite the current challenges the group is facing with Mr. Kenyatta fighting back.

On the same day (Thursday) Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni obtained a court order blocking the Registrar of Political Parties from effecting leadership changes in the party.

The Political Parties Dispute Tribunal tribunal chairperson Desma Nungo issued orders barring the Political Parties Registrar from upholding a Jubilee Party NEC’s resolution that suspended them pending hearing of a case they have filed challenging the move.

According to reports, President Ruto however advised the rebel MPs not to be quick in withdrawing the Jubilee Party from Azimio as it will raise suspicion about who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes.

President Ruto asked the MPs to talk with Uhuru to support the government of the day.

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