Kenya Responds to Sudan After Daring Ruto to a Duel

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Alfred Mutua, the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs, provided an explanation on Monday as to why Kenya had not yet made a formal response to a general from the war-torn Sudan who was seen on video challenging President William Ruto to send the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

Speaking to a global media station, TRT Afrika, the CS added that Kenya had not yet received the entire context of what Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta had said in the well-known video.

Mutua stated that in order to address a situation with international implications, the government cannot rely on the information found on social media. 

Before issuing an official reaction, the CS has assured that the government will take the proper actions to determine the context of the video.

“We cannot verify the authenticity of the video or whether the senior military officer actually made those remarks. We also need a formal translation to understand what he said,” the former Machakos governor stated.

In the viral video, the Sudan general accused Ruto of meddling in their ongoing conflict. 

Al-Atta expressed that they would triumph over the Kenyan forces should they be deployed.

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