Kenya Railways Moves All Services to eCitizen Platform

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Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has transferred all its services to the eCitizen platform, per President William Ruto’s digitization agenda.

This shift marks a major shift in how customers will access and pay for various railway services in the country.

In a statement, the corporation announced, “We hereby notify members of the public that payments for all services shall only be made through the eCitizen platform in line with the presidential directive.” This means that the government-wide 222,222 pay bill number will be the exclusive method of payment for accessing Kenya Railways services. Customers will need to acquaint themselves with this new payment process to continue utilizing the various services provided by Kenya Railways.

All services, which were previously hosted on the Madaraka Express official website, will now be accessible through the eCitizen platform. This comprehensive list includes commuter payments, freight services, real estate, restaurant services, terminal services, parking, Railway Museum, and training.

To make payments for each service, customers will need to adhere to specific instructions. For example, to pay for commuter services, customers should use the pay bill number 222,222 and enter their KRCC followed by their name, the amount, and their pin.

Detailed guidelines have been provided for other services such as freight, terminal services, Railway Training Institute, real estate, restaurant services, parking, and Railway Museum.

This transition to the eCitizen platform is expected to streamline and digitize the process of accessing and paying for railway services, aligning with the government’s directive to enhance efficiency and accessibility of public services.

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