Kenya Fuel Today Costs Kshs. 211 Per Litre 70% of which is Tax Money for the Ruto Government

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Even though there are some external factors over which we have no control, the taxes, all 9 of them are possibly within Kenya’s sphere of influence. Taxes are introduced and passed by your representatives in parliament meaning that there is influence that can be exerted by both the Executive and Legislature”.

That is an assessment of our taxes on fuel that I saw in the one of Kenya’s newspapers done by a Kenyan economist.  

Now the component that sends the prices to a whole new level, that is the taxes. There are 9 taxes in total charged on petroleum products.

These are; Excise Duty, Road Maintenance Levy, Petroleum Development Levy, Petroleum Regulatory Levy, Railway Development Levy, Anti-Adulteration Levy, Merchant Shipping Levy, Import Declaration fee and finally Value Added Tax.

And for the love of God can Ruto tell Kenyans where all the tax money from the levies go.

These taxes in total plus the new 16% VAT account for almost 70 percent of the landed cost, which is the actual cost of the fuel itself.

So of the Sh. 211 Kenyans pay per litre of petroleum products Sh. 140 goes to the Kenya government as a result of the litany of those 9 taxes the worst of which and easiest to deal with is take off the 16% VAT and if things improve down the line maybe the Kenya government can put something like 4% total on petroleum as VAT. Keeping all these Levies with the new added 16% VAT is economic suicide for the country and it is going to cost lives and chaos in Kenya.

It is a complete lie for Ruto and his government to keep telling Kenyans that there is nothing they do

about the high price of petroleum in the country. You have the VAT to begin with then you have eight levies where you milk money from the pockets of Kenyans and nobody has any clue what you do with the levies which in total sum more to the pain to Kenyans than the 16% VAT tax on fuel.

There is more madness from the Ruto regime trying to grab more tax payers money even after their explosive budget in parliament in August 2023.

It has just been reported that Ruto state officials asked for Sh. 15 billion more from the National Treasury on top of the money they already got in the budget. As any Kenyan would expect Ruto’s State House has asked for an extra Sh. 400 million to buy cars for State House use never mind the billions State House had already be allocated billions in the budget which includes tons of money for those cars they love.

Please also note that William Ruto and Gachagua alone have so far spent Sh. 1.4 billion in travelling just the two of them in just 9 months. This will be about to Sh. 2 billion a year travelling budget for William Ruto. How much money do these guys want to rip off from the Kenyans?

A report of the Controller of Budget revealed that 18 MDAs had written to the National Treasury requesting funds for various projects amounting to Ksh.15.27 billion barely two months since the approval of the annual budget estimates.

This was all exposed by the Kenya’s Auditor General while presenting the financial mess he sees in state offices in Kenya during her appearance at the National Assembly to address MPs.

Some of the requests included a Ksh.400 million request by the office of the State Comptroller to purchase motor vehicles.

When the Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o appeared before the Budget and Appropriations Committee she revealed insensitive proposals by government ministries and departments that sought a supplementary budget to fund other items out of the approved budget.

The craziest thing here is that we have William Ruto after they passed their prohibitive heavy tax on Kenyans conducting secret plans to scoop another Sh. 15.27 billion from the Treasury while preaching to Kenyans how the government has no money to alleviate any of the pressures on them due to Ruto’s first budget. There is Hypocrisy and Treachery by those who run governments.

In Ruto’s case here we have a case of ruthless treachery for a president who does not care one bit for the cost of living for the citizens of his country. Ruto wants to milk Kenyans to the bone and the evidence we have here speaks for itself.

And guess what, Ruto has turned tax collection into a warfare in Kenya. They are training KDF officers as Tax Collectors. I don’t know if they will shoot you first and get the money or just collect the money and throw a little bomb at your house when they are leaving.

Oh, poor Ruto what would he not do to grab money from Kenyans? This is just sick. Maybe they want to collect tax from Al Shabaab terrorists killing Kenyans every day. This could be a big tax boost for the Ruto government.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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