Kenya Could be Headed to a New 2007/8 PEV with Consequences Never Seen Before

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On Monday night, former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s farm was set on fire. This happened in the night long after the rallies are over. The criminals hired by the Ruto regime decided the best time to set the place on fire is at night. Amazing. Armed thugs have been at that farm all day since the night before, there is no IG Koome Police Force on site.

The thugs are successfully doing what Ruto and his DP sent them to do and the police’s job is to make sure the thugs do a good job there. The invaders are trying to shred the Kenyatta family farm to pieces and take whatever they can get. The Dorper sheep the Kenyatta family keep there are being loaded in trucks or carried away on peoples’ heads.

At the same time, the government thugs have been unleashed in Kibra after the Azimio rallies were over and the plan is to brutalize and destroy as much of the people’s property there as possible to warn them against supporting the Azimio rallies.

It is payback time for the government on those Kenyans who live in Kibra. Again there are no police even though they were there during the rallies. At night, it is the job of thugs supported by the police to burn down the place.

Here is the nightmare with this thuggish behavior from the government. You burn peoples’ homes now, you are asking them to get ready to burn everything and they are going to do exactly that and nobody will stop them, even if Ruto brings the army. Just take Kenyans in that direction, setting people’s farms on fire and burning their homes and shops. When they come back at you it could be a real nightmare like the country has never seen before.

When those mobs of thugs go back to Uhuru’s farm on Thursday this week, they will be met with another mob and then it is a warfare that could leave many dead. If that is what Ruto and Gachagua want, they are going to get it and it will spread all over the country. Then what will Ruto do after that with the whole country in flames?

There are probably many people in the area who are really annoyed that people just invaded the former president’s farm, stole from it, and burnt it down. That place alone could have its own vicious communal war as the government puts Kenyans against each other with weapons probably on both sides come Thursday.

In December 2007, the Kenyan government thought they had the monopoly of violence and would kill whoever they wanted. When people reached a point of no return, the government had no control over them with the entire Kenyan army everywhere in planes and helicopters. The people had decided they were not going to be brutalized by the state and just take it. If the Ruto regime wants to take that road, they should be prepared to walk it because it is a very tough road for everybody including those in power.

As if to make a joke of the whole thing, Ruto is in Germany trying to woo investors to come to Kenya. Who the heck does Ruto expect to invest in a hell hole like what the world saw in Kenya today when government-sponsored armed thugs and criminals were sent to destroy privately owned massive investments by none other that the former president? If the government can do that kind of thing to private investors, what are they going to do to foreign investors if the government wants their thugs to burn them down for whatever reason?

That is the image the whole world is seeing today and they are going to let Ruto burn all the private property he wants and hopefully, for him, other Kenyans do not burn down his properties and after the burning is over, investors will wait for another 5 years to see if the hellfire is over.

Nobody is going to invest in our country at this time. Instead of controlling these rallies and setting up sensible parameters, Ruto came with blazing fire because Raila and Azimio refused to back down. It is not going to work for him or for the country.

The problem with this kind of thing is that once you start them, they take a life of their own.

Once the Kenyan youth get the sense that it is okay to attack peoples’ property and grab what you want, they will be coming for everything, including Ruto’s property very soon and it is a good thing that Sifuna, a key leader from Azimio made a very clear statement that they don’t want anybody to vandalize or rob the properties of the likes of Ruto or Gachagua. But asking for foreign investment in this atmosphere is just fantasy.

“We have given unequivocal instructions to our supporters that no private business or property is to be touched. It’s not as if we don’t know where properties owned by Kenya Kwanza minions are located but that’s not our beef,” Edwin Sifuna said.

“Our beef is with Ruto, not his hotels.”

You cannot invite guests to your house after setting your own house on fire. Nobody is going to be foolish enough to come there. There is a reason Zimbabwe went down under Mugabe. The idiot set his own country on fire and died a miserable man when the whole world was not just sick of his country but of himself as well. If Ruto wants to go that route, he is welcome. Kenyans will have to figure out how to save the country from him and this kind of madness.

Then come Sunday Ruto and his DP and their wives will be deep in prayer for God to help Kenya. Just pray to Satan my friends, he is better at helping people like you handle this kind of mayhem. There is no Kimani Ichungwa to help you here, Mr. Ruto, after he promised private farms would be invaded while talking his tribal crap about Luos. Who exactly invaded Uhuru’s farm and caused so much harm and panic in the country?

Here the government thugs have the whole day to destroy Uhuru Kenyatta’s private property. They have all the protection to carry out this big Ruto government project. Now they have to figure out how to take the trees already cut or they can just take over the farm and live there. Maybe they can get an official state fence and police force to protect them.

In the meantime, Azimio were holding peaceful rallies with their supporters and Ruto had to wait for the rallies to be over before he could get thugs to set a place like Kibra on fire.

The Ruto police war in Kibra after the rallies were over and the government-sponsored thugs burning peoples’ homes involved also the police attacking journalists who were covering their state-sponsored violence in Kibra.

Here are journalists running away from police attacks which were so vicious. Ruto turned Kibra into a war zone after the rallies were over. This was his revenge time. He is going to have a lot of that revenge against enemies if he keeps on with his madness. Now journalists are his enemies. The Uhuru family are his enemies. Raila and Azimio are his permanent enemies. Who else? Maybe the whole country is now his enemy. Good luck with that Mr. William Ruto.

Every Kenyan has noticed one thing in the last 24 hours after the Monday, March 27, 2023 disaster. For a whole week, the Ruto mob was screaming at Kenyans from everywhere. Ruto was in Kisii telling Kenyans how he went to the Hague for Raila as if Raila told him to kill Kenyans.

Ruto’s DP Rigathi Gachagua was threatening to arrest Raila in Nairobi first thing on that Monday. IG Koome banned demos with no idea what the constitution of Kenya says about the rights of Kenyans. Some Chiloba dude banned six news outlets from covering the demos.

Now after the Ruto government Monday, chaos none of them has uttered a single word. Why? Stupidity has very serious limits in real life. They will learn more.

“A free and objective media is an essential component of our democracy. It allows journalists to fulfil their crucial role as sources of objective and unbiased information,” Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) Nyange said.

“Therefore, the attacks on journalists today are a violation of human rights, curtail public access to information and lead to the erosion of press freedom,” Nyange added.

Several journalists were assaulted, their vehicles vandalised and their phones and equipment were stolen by goons in various parts of the city.

Some were also beaten and arrested in the course of covering the mass protests called by the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition.

One female journalist was captured on tape narrating her ordeal at the hands of the officers amid sobs and tears, having only managed to salvage a microphone following the incident.

A number of journalists were also arrested and bundled in waiting for police vehicles in Kibra with officers accusing them of mobilising residents in groups. 

Nyange commended the journalists for their brevity and for risking their lives on the frontline to ensure a well-informed society.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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