Ruto mobs attack Uhuru’s Northlands and Raila’s Spectre International. Is Weston Hotel Next?

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Azimio leaders took their demonstrations to the streets as they promised and for the most part, it is just the usual demo

Then Ruto and Gachagua decided to come up with a different plan after threatening to arrest the Azimio leaders and shoot the demonstrators with rubber bullets and now it seems also with live bullets. The big Ruto plan this time was to mobilize gangs to invade the properties of Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga

At Uhuru’s farm, there were more than 1,000 invaders and their job was to vandalize the farm and steal any property they could put their hands on, and cut trees with chainsaws.

It was pretty much a terrorist invasion of someone’s property by mobs organized by the state. So the idea that the government can do anything about it is out of the window. It is the same government tearing down private property. At Raila’s business, it was the same plan of vandalizing the Spectre building and destroying property.

This is the new grand plan by Ruto and his DP to stop Kenyans from holding legal demonstrations. It is an extremely dangerous thing to do because the message you are sending to all those young Kenyans is that it is time to destroy the property of Kenyan leaders and given all known properties these guys have around the country, this could lead to a whole nation burning down on fire.

How about Ruto’s Weston Hotel, which after all was built on stolen public land? Is Ruto going to cry and complain if Kenyans decided to go burn it down? This Ruto mob is playing with fire and that can turn right back to burn their asses very badly. And then what?

Raila’s business is lucky to still be standing. Next time they may come with bombs that IG Koome can easily provide to the Ruto and Gachagua mobs and throw into the building.

Last demo, Ruto brought in heavily armed plain-clothed shooters behaving as if they were part of the Police Force. This time, the government has decided to arm outright gangs and thugs to do their dirty work.

I am hoping Raila and the Azimio leaders will be very categorical with their supporters and tell them despite the Ruto thuggery, Azimio will never try to do anything like that because it could lead to everybody burning everybody’s else property and then you don’t have a country.

Let’s see how Ruto and Gachagua will try to condemn their own thugs and try to blame that on Raila and Azimio.

I have no clue why these people are hounding Uhuru Kenyatta, which could backfire very badly on them. Once you start to terrorize the Kikuyu folks it is hard to tell them it is only Uhuru and his land don’t worry. Gachagua may think he is an expert in this level of thuggery because he did it for Moi as the DO in Molo but he has no idea where this could lead.

A situation where the government hires thugs to go destroy the property of a former president and opposition leaders has never happened in Kenya, despite our long history of political struggles for change.

Ruto and Gachagua have today opened a new chapter in our country. How it is handled will decide a lot of things for the country but it will not stop the struggles of Kenyans for better living conditions and good governance.

At the same time, the mobs attacked journalists, particularly those associated with the news outlets that the government wanted to ban from covering the rallies and were from doing so by the courts.

The Ruto mob decided to brutalize those journalists like the ones from Citizen TV, which the government really hates.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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