Just Stop Raila from Travelling All Over Kenya. The UK and US Will Not Do It

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The same William Ruto who was lying to himself a few days ago that Raila can hold the rallies until he gets tired and he would not be bothered at all is now desperate enough, begging Western countries to help him deal with Raila by barring him (Raila) from traveling out of the country. It will never happen.

Ask Moi what happened during mass actions against him. It was Moi who could not travel to Western countries because of demonstrations in those countries against him and no serious leaders wanted to meet with him. Ask Moi why he killed Robert Ouko after they had a trip to the US and leaders there preferred to listen to Ouko the Foreign Minister rather than listening to dictator Moi.

Raila will travel anywhere he wants in the country and anywhere he wants in the world. Try something else.

“It is not unusual for governments across the world, in pursuit of their national interests and global order, to place sanctions on individuals and organizations with a high appetite for causing political and economic instability.

The globalisation of markets and production means the international community has insurable interests in Kenya’s political and economic stability. Anybody who attempts to cause instability in the globalization matrix will soon find himself isolated and swimming with sharks in dark cold waters,” Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairperson Nelson Koech said on Sunday.

That is the plan being hatched by Ruto and his UDA MPs. It is a stupid fantasy but then again, what else do Ruto and his boys do other than engage in paranoid hallucination? Raila has now become their number-one issue every single day.

It is not Raila who is asking for proper management of the cost of living so that Kenyans can afford the most basic things they need to survive. It is the people of Kenya demanding that. Is Ruto now going to ask that all Kenyans be barred from traveling abroad and that will help him deal with the high cost of living?

The scared Ruto boys are also trying to intimidate Uhuru Kenyatta claiming they will ask that he be removed from his peace initiative leadership.

Does he want to overthrow the legally elected government and proceed to install himself? We are having a conversation about this even with Uhuru (Kenyatta); if he continues undermining the current regime, we will ask that he be withdrawn from his regional peace mission.

Nelson Koech

So what is making Ruto so scared of the rallies?

Number one is the number of Kenyans coming to the rallies and how energetic and ready they are to take the battle to Ruto. That has been worrisome for those who really have never understood the determination of the Kenyan masses to defend their rights and fight for them at all costs. The second thing that has shocked Ruto and his tribal kingpins like his DP Gachagua is that these rallies are everywhere in the country.

Here is the Azimio rally in Githurai this week which was an impromptu event and it is huge and energetic right at the heart of what Ruto and Gachagua think is their bedroom. Ruto looks at that and says to himself something has to be done before this thing gets out of control. So he wants to call Joe Biden immediately to help him control Raila.

Here is the deal Mr. Ruto. You can arrest Raila tomorrow and lock him at Kamiti or detain him at your farm in Sugoi for life. It will not change a damn thing. You will face even more angry Kenyans asking for their rights and demanding a country where normal life for ordinary Kenyans is possible. Harassing opposition leaders is exactly what Moi did and you know the results.

The biggest fear for Ruto over these rallies is that Mr. Bwana Asifiwe knows he has no solution for the issues Kenyans are facing and demanding solutions for right now, not next year. He cannot handle the cost-of-living nightmare that Kenyans are dealing with and has no plans to do anything meaningful full to address those concerns.

In the Ruto regime, everybody working in the government wakes up and cooks up something to announce and none of it has anything to do with real problems that people face.

Ruto knows that the serious problems Kenyans face will go on indefinitely under his regime. He has no solution for those problems and their endless promises are becoming irrelevant to Kenyans who want their concerns dealt with now. Blaming Uhuru 24/7 has not worked for Ruto. What next? That is the question.

Even the one place where someone was doing good business and providing Kenyans with quality goods at half the price the same goods are sold in Nairobi has now been forced to close down after the business owner was threatened by Ruto’s goons like Kuria CS for Investment and the DP.

According to the news reports, the crime being committed at China Square is a proprietor selling goods to Kenyans at affordable prices. That just cannot be allowed under the Ruto regime. How dare you sell goods to Kenyans at a price they can afford?

That place had to be closed immediately even though it was opened less than one month ago. They are helping poor Kenyans afford a living and that is a crime in Kenya’s business today. How pathetic is that line of thinking? But here is the story as we know it.

The store owned by Chinese businessman Lei Cheng announced the move to close China Square on Sunday after hours of escalating drama following deportation threats by Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria.

Lei said his business is compliant with all legal requirements.

“My business is legal and is centered on healthy competition,” he said. “We followed all government requirements for setting up a business and are here to break monopolies.”

Lei blamed his accusers saying they were seeking to perpetuate the continued exploitation of the Kenyan consumer by rogue businesspersons.

He responded even as Kuria vowed to deport him and any foreign national engaged in retail trade, terming his Unicity Mall store as a threat to local traders.

Kuria’s intervention followed a protest memorandum by a business association bringing together representatives of traders in Nairobi’s leading markets.

The lobby due to meet Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Wednesday decried what it termed as unfair competition by Lei’s business.

This is really crazy. We have the CS for Investment threatening successful investors because they are selling affordable goods to Kenyans. And all this is just about tribalism. We have a Chinese selling good stuff and using a store that was vacant and unused but now the tribal warlords want to plant their tribe’s folk in there.

You have been in power much longer than this guy’s store why didn’t you turn it into your tribal den when it was vacant and unused? Because you have no idea how to do anything for Kenyans. That is not going to change. Kenyans know that and that is why they are in the streets fighting for Kenya they want and deserve. That too is not going to stop.

Those are the realities in our republic today.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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