Just Leave Athletes Alone and Help Them With the Management of Their Resources and Their Heath.

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As Kenyans know by now the Ruto government is about pictures and publicity. Everyday announcements from KK politicians and CS’s about things that nobody has actually seen in their lives is their operational norm.

So when the great Kenyan athlete and world marathon champion, Kelvin Kiptum died in that horrific accident and made Kenyans so angry and supportive to his family, for the politicians this was a great opportunity for publicity and wearing expensive suits for pictures and videos to show Kenyans how hard they are working.

With Kelvin Kiptum case things have to be done right for him, his family and to all other Kenyan athletes and young aspiring sports talents.

Kiptum only had one year after he became a sports legend and he had no time to invest his resources in developing his home and it is a good thing the Kenya government has built a home for his family before the burial. As usual, it could mean a whole lot of different things to different people. Are some people in government trying to make money out of something so sad?

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 24 — Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has proposed the employment of top athletes in public service regardless of academic qualifications.

Speaking at the funeral of Kelvin Kiptum on Friday, the CS said the government should establish a framework for absorbing record-breaking athletes to become brand ambassadors in different government parastatals.

“There is no problem if we can absorb these athletes once they win their medals in the world. There is no problem to take them to government parastatals to become brand ambassadors and get them a job,” he urged President William Ruto.

“I want us to find a way that anyone who breaks a world record, it becomes mandatory to absorb them in our government,” he added.

The CS claimed education qualifications had shadowed the potential of athletes often denying their enormous contribution towards promoting the country.

“And sometimes we have over-glorified class education, to the extent that we deny these athletes opportunities to serve in government just because of lack of a paper,” he stated.

First of all these athletes do not need government jobs and the politicians can get their fashion pictures without insulting them. They are top class Kenyan citizens and they are doing a glorious job for the country and for themselves.

The Kenya government needs to offer professional management support to these athletes so they can run their resources and invest without predators grabbing their money and giving them fake investments. These athletes have money from winning championships and sponsorships. Kiptum is supposed to have a contract of $ 45 million from China so he wears their shirts. Where is that money? It belongs to the Kiptum family.

We have a nation caught in fantasy shows one after the other. It is pitiful and sad. They are laughing at Kenyans as they party. For how long? That is the question.

What happened to this Kenyan political genius in real life

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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